Joseph Ribkoff a Canadian Giant

Canadian design house Joseph Ribkoff kicks off the Spring 2012
with more than a typical introduction to its signature line of
print jersey dresses and easy-to-wear separates. This season, the
brand steps it up a voguish notch with super model Yasmin Le Bon as the face of its global campaign.

A FASHIONABLE FIT…Both Ribkoff and Le Bon have enjoyed a
long-lasting fashion appeal, both are internationally recognized and
well-regarded internationally, and both have been at the forefront of
the fashion scene on three continents for more than 20 years! Le
Bon brings a distinguished image to the Ribkoff brand. Her beauty,
versatility and youthful spirit epitomize the essence of the brand
whose hallmarks include: well-fitting sexy jersey dresses for all
occasions (from day to evening and special occasion) and on-trend,
easy-to-wear, easy-to-care-for separates.

Joseph Ribkoff makes affordable fashion for women of all ages effortless: it fits, it’s figureflattering and its fashionable. The wide variety of styles and easy-to-care-for fabrications make for a smart travel wardrobe for the modern, busy woman.

Dare to Dress

This spring, the fashion spotlight is on the dress, and at Ribkoff the dress reigns. Women from all over the world praise the brand’s modish style and fit. Whether body-hugging sexy or flowing and sporty, Ribkoff dresses go from casual to formal with a simple change of accessories!

The Spring ’12 collection features noteworthy trends like one-shoulder silhouettes, bold explosional floral and animal prints, color-blocking variations, striped and polka dot black and white pieces, shirt dresses and retro-style sheaths. Separates range from cropped fitted trousers to retro bottoms and easy-to-wear leggings; all coordinate effortlessly under a slew of fun print tunics, sleeveless vests and a few key light-weight jackets. Colors are always plentiful at Ribkoff, and spring brings out a wide range of bold tones; making Ribkoff seem right on trend!

About Joseph Ribkoff

Montreal-based, Joseph Ribkoff is one of Canada’s leading design and manufacturer of women’s dresses and sportswear. A global exporter, Ribkoff sells in 22 international markets, including the U.S., Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Australia. The Joseph Ribkoff brand can be found in Canada and internationally exclusively in specialty stores. Visit


  • When did you know you wanted to be in the fashion industry? Age 19

  • How long have you been in the industry? 60 yrs

  • What is your role in the industry? Joseph Ribkoff Inc plays a leadership role internationally in its on niche.

  • Are you a RTW designer? We have a design team.

  • What does fashion mean to you? It is a statement of a person’s inner life expressed in time and space.

  • What is your inspiration? Our customer’s desire to feel great in what she wears.

  • Is there a theme or message in your clothing? To stand out and to differentiate one’s self.

  • What makes your clothing/accessories unique? For the JR customer, our clothes spells out loud and clear: IT’S A LOVE AFFAIR.

  • What are your best selling designs? Designs that can be all purpose – from day to night.

  • What fabrics do you see the industry moving to? Easy care/easy travel

  • Why do you think you have been so successful in the industry? People come first- it’s the good people that make you feel better.

  • And what advice can you give to the many aspiring new designers? Know who your customer is.

  • Your target demographic? A woman who has a disposable income from 35-75 yrs and who loves life.

  • Do you have worldwide distribution? We are international.

  • Are you carried by Major Stores? Some, depending on the country.

  • Are they sourced locally or import? At our international head office.

  • What is your favorite piece/item you have ever done? A simple zippered short jacket.

  • Quote that defines you in the business or personally. One and the same, a regular joe, someone you can trust.

  • What is the most memorable/favorite moment in your fashion career/history? Happy customers…

  • Is there a special moment, in your career, in which key decisions were made that were pivotal to your success? If you don’t succeed the first time, try again and again with all you do.

  • How do you feel the recession has affected the fashion industry in the US, Europe, and Asia? It has and is a game changer.

  • What trend could you do without this year/season? Senseless trends, that you can never really wear.

  • What is your opinion of the trends this year/season? They are great fun clothes.

  • Do you have a designer that you admire and why? Ralph Lauren – a wonderful imagination.

  • Joseph Ribkoff knows the JR customer’s mind and body better than her own lover…

    Joseph Ribkoff Inc.
    2375 De L’Aviation, Dorval, QC, H9P 2X6
    1-800-361-1839 / 514-685-9191 x 3166





Fashion Editor Adrian De Lozada


Images provided by JOSEPH RIBKOFF


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