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Spazio European Womens Wear

European design house Spazio kicks off the Summer 2012 & Fall
with more than a typical introduction to its signature line of
luxury women's wear and easy-to-wear separates. This season, the
brand steps it up a voguish notch.

Spazio the Brand

Savvy, sophisticated, confident, European luxury at it’s very best. Spazio is a respected fashion resource for the modern woman who knows exactly what she wants in style, and versatile essentials for her round the clock wardrobe. From superbly tailored suit separates, evening gowns and flirty feminine dresses, to a multitude of key pieces that build mileage into her wardrobe each season.

Spazio delivers contemporary styles that are on target with the trend of the moment. Spazio is for the consumer who puts fashion first and seeks uniqueness in style and attention to detail and quality. Spazio is the luxury style of the modern woman.


Spazio began manufacturing in the garment industry in 1980, based in Turkey. Previously the company was privately owned and was known as Kamil. Since that time Spazio has proved itself as an innovative, consumer focused, and efficient player in the apparel industry in both retail and private label manufacturing. Spazio has developed a distinct culture: one that emphasizes product innovation, consumer focused marketing, efficient and industry leading operating platforms and long term strategic planning. This corporate philosophy has allowed us to continuously reinvent and adapt our business profile and product mix for the benefit of our customers and shareholders.

Retail Expansion

Spazio the brand has 14 stores in Europe, and Turkey and 1 store in the US. In light of our great success in retail, wholesale and private label manufacturing in Europe the Spazio brand is planning to open additional stores in major cities in the United States. Our products have already been manufactured for many private labels in the US for many years. We manufacture for many of the biggest brands in the fashion industry.

Questions & Answers

  • When did you know you wanted to be in the fashion industry? When I was a teenager I thought that this was an industry that I would like to be in as I loved the fashion world and beauty..

  • How long have you been in the industry? 25 yrs or more.

  • What is your role in the industry? I am the CEO of Spazio USA.

  • Are you a RTW designer? We have a wonderful design team which creates our RTW and luxury womens wear designs..

  • What does fashion mean to you? Fashion is an identity, not what you wear, but how it makes you feel.

  • What is your inspiration? The satisfaction that we are able to bring a women's personal identity out.

  • Is there a theme or message in your clothing? For the sucessful women that knows what she wants.

  • What makes your clothing/accessories unique? Fine tailoring, design and quality workmanship.

  • What are your best selling designs? Designs that can be all purpose from day to night, mix and match.

  • What fabrics do you see the industry moving to? Easy care/easy travel, value in quality.

  • Why do you think you have been so successful in the industry? People come first- it’s the good people that make you feel better.

  • And what advice can you give to the many aspiring new designers? Study the trends and what women actually want.

  • Your target demographic? A woman who has a disposable income from 25-65 yrs and who loves life, being as beautfiul and confident as she can. Our clothing gives her the opportunity to express herself.

  • Do you have worldwide distribution? We are international in distribution as our Spazio label, retail and wholesale, and as Private Label manufacturers for many major brands both internationa and national to the US.

  • Are you carried by Major Stores? Some, depending on the country. We are currently negoiating with the major US Big Box Retailiers.

  • Are they sourced locally or import? At our international head office in Turkey.

  • What is your favorite piece/item you have ever done? Dress

  • What is the most memorable/favorite moment in your fashion career/history? Happy customers…

  • Is there a special moment, in your career, in which key decisions were made that were pivotal to your success? If you don’t succeed the first time, try again and again with all you do.

  • How do you feel the recession has affected the fashion industry in the US, Europe, and Asia? It has and is a game changer.

  • What trend could you do without this year/season? Any trend will be perfect if your feeling good in it.

  • Do you have a designer that you admire and why? Prada – a wonderful imagination.

  • Spazio USA
    377 Olin Avenue suite 1035, San Jose, Ca. 95128 | Santana Row
    408-217-9370 Santana Row


For sales, wholsale opportunities or inqueries contact:

Stevn De Lozada
US Marketing Director | Spazio USA
email: 408-824-3776
Spazio | Santana Row
377 Olin Avenue suite 1035
San Jose, CA. 95128


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