Franco Uomo  

by Janette Maack

Santana Row Latest Edition

When you think of Franco Uomo a polished gentleman with exquisite taste probably comes to mind- and this is precisely who I encountered when I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Uomo at his store's new location on Santana Row. Dressed impeccably in a full (perfectly tailored) suit and silk ascot, Mr. Uomo was the picture of elegance and very much a gentleman. The new Franco Uomo store on Santana Row is lined in rich cherry-colored cabinets and is reminiscent of a luxurious walk-in closet. A mosaic of rolled silk ties in every color conceivable is displayed on the back wall much like artwork in a gallery, a theme that is carried throughout the store with ornate gold frames and dramatic gallery lighting. A plentiful selection of perfectly tailored jackets, pants, and fine dress shirts (we especially like the oh-so-subtle pop-color pinstriped shirts) line the walls of the store, while the new casual line (jeans and jackets with luxury detailing) is displayed front and center.

Mr. Uomo was gracious and welcoming, allowing our models to take over his dressing rooms and our photographers to have free reign over his carefully merchandised displays. Just as every customer who walks into Franco Uomo is offered fresh-baked cookies and refreshments, we were given bottled waters and treated as guests.

During the photo shoot chaos I had the chance to sit down with Mr. Uomo and ask him a few questions.  

SJFW: What is the Franco Uomo design philosophy?

Franco Uomo: Franco Uomo is all about exclusivity and individuality. We strive to provide each customer with personal service that goes above and beyond expectations and fine clothing that expresses the individual.

SJFW: Who is the ideal Franco Uomo customer?

Franco Uomo: Anybody who walks into the store. We design for every age, every race- we make the customer feel like the best possible version of himself.

Everyone is a VIP at Franco Uomo

Exclusivity and personal service are what keep Franco Uomo a step ahead of big-brand competitors: each customer is treated as a VIP through services such as private shopping sessions, complimentary alterations, even messenger service. Franco will open his store before or after business hours to accommodate customers with a fully booked schedule, and every customer receives a personal phone call and special gift for their birthday and wedding anniversary. Franco Uomo is known for exclusive custom designs- with over 1,000 fabrics to choose from a customer can flip through a book of fine fabric swatches and find exactly what he is looking for. Franco will then have him measured and fitted, and will have a custom-designed suit, shirt, jacket, or pants made in just 4-5 weeks. Silk ties and ascots are beautifully handmade and available in any color of the rainbow. If you are looking for truly personal service and exclusive, carefully tailored menswear then Franco Uomo is the place for you.

Classy Casual

Franco Uomo is not just for weddings and special occasions. This designer is branching out into casual wear with a remarkably positive response from customers. His favorite item from the new casual line? Premium jeans with luxe details like embroidery (Franco suggests you dress them up with a custom-designed dress shirt and cufflinks or a t-shirt and classic blazer). Franco Uomo is also offering denim jackets, casual blazers (with urban details such as cargo pockets and masculine hardware), belts, shoes, and accessories.  In the words of the designer himself, "Don't let fashion or labels control you. Don't look in the mirror- feel the suit and make sure that the tie, the shoes, the shirt belong to you. Be strong, be confident, be independent- be proud of who you are and show it wherever you go. At Franco Uomo we don't match clothes- we compliment style, personality- YOU."


SJFW: In your opinion what makes Franco Uomo stand out from other contemporary menswear designers?

Franco Uomo: Definitely personal service. We make sure that every customer is satisfied by following up with them on a very personal level. We call our customers on special days like birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Say a customer buys a suit and then puts on 10 lbs- at Franco Uomo it is no problem- we call the customer every 2 months to offer complimentary alterations and will re-fit the suit to perfection. We will even send a messenger to accommodate our busy clients. With the economy in a slump customer service is especially important, and we create a personal relationship with every client to ensure they are always taken care of.

SJFW: What is next for Franco Uomo?

Franco Uomo: At the end of this year we hope to open a third Franco Uomo store in Pleasanton, California. We will continue to expand the new casual line due to an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers. We are also very excited to be adding custom-designed leather jackets and shoes to the Franco Uomo brand.

SJFW: How would you describe your personal style when you aren't working?

Franco Uomo: I like to dress up the casual. Usually I'll wear Franco Uomo jeans with a dress shirt, sport jacket, matching shoes and belt.  





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