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Dominique Ansari
“I like to choose colors that speak to me and can look good with any skin tone,” she said. “I’m not afraid to take a risk on vibrant color combinations nor risqué styles that some designers may feel should be more conservative.”Think fun, playful yet seductive with jewel tones. Standouts include asymmetrical cuts, full skirts, romantic floral prints and sumptuous jersey knits with comfort, stretch and fluidity. Sweet Deceptions breaks away from her original aesthetic which is dark, goth-inspired.

Vanessa Barbery
The 26-year-old recently participated in Fashion Week Ecuador 2009, where she showed a portion of her Spring/ Summer 2010 collection emphasizing color and fit. This translates into exotic prints, subtle details, drapery and a bright-color palette. Staples include Nena (a leopard chiffon bubble skirt), Anita (sky blue satin gown) and Cynthia (starburst orange dress with a tier of ruffles). “Women in South America are proud of their curves and appreciate designs that flatter their body,” she said. “I like to keep my consumer in mind.” Although South America greatly influences the hues and textiles used, her silhouettes are global.


Avnah Couture
As Head Designer, Avnah wants to provide different degrees of couture clothing, so that it is affordable for everyone to wear. Each line of design features similar pieces that are made from a variety of fabrics and materials for those on a strict budget. Her goal is to make the world more beautiful by wearing Avnah Couture. Her vision is to team up with different charity organizations so that every purchase of Avnah Couture goes to a mission to help someone or some country. That is and will continue to be the beauty of Avnah Couture.

Hip Line
Kinizo's slogan is "Clothing for the Diva on Paper and the Hippie at heart " She further explains, "clothing that's dressy, funky, and obviously up to date, but always with a hippy laidback look attached to it. Targeted towards the artistic; creative; hippy creative girls that go to the art galleries, movies, or anything that involves an artistic event." In short: Sexy. Sulty. Simple and fun with clean lines.








The brands mission: "To impact people's lives by creating a brand that is a catalyst for truth, love and a passion for giving. The Veritas brand is designed and created to bring community together through a combination of the Arts; one painting, one sound, one film, and one word at a time". 

GG Connection
I like to keep the authenticity of the East by hanging onto the mysterious side as well as combining it with the sexy but elegant western look. As one can tell, my designs are a type of fusion of East and West. I have recently taken the position of VP Director/Buyer for the Uomo Vogue Apparel Group™, an apparel portfolio of That Look Magazine™, based in Santana Row.

Franco Uomo
Franco Uomo is known for exclusive custom designs- with over 1,000 fabrics to choose from a customer can flip through a book of fine fabric swatches and find exactly what he is looking for. Franco will then have him measured and fitted, and will have a custom-designed suit, shirt, jacket, or pants made in just 4-5 weeks. Silk ties and ascots are beautifully handmade and available in any color of the rainbow. If you are looking for truly personal service and exclusive, carefully tailored menswear then Franco Uomo is the place for you.

Swati Couture
Bollywood inspired Indian origin Fusion Fashion is the order of the day for SWATI Couture. The fall lineup is full of beautiful saris, bridal gowns, evening gowns, stylized tops and shawls all in the finest rich textiles, hand embroidery and jeweled beaded work.

Location: 2321 Farmcrest Street, Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone: 510- 610-5990 

Shekhar Rahate Couture
Shekhar Rahate is one of the most exciting and creative fashion designers that has successfully demonstrated his gorgeous collections all over the world. He has displayed his collections on runway shows in Switzerland, New York, Paris, London, Germany, India and exotic Dubai and that's naming only a few places. Along with world celebrities, from Hollywood to Bollywood, his fashion design shows have even dazzled UN Delegates.













Isabella Boutique
Color and texture is the focus for Brazilian Designer Rosimeiri Osorio Ardnt, whose latest collection for Isabela Ecologica is full of beautiful dresses, shoes and accessories. Isabella's location is in Sunnyvale on 142 Murphy Ave.

Just My Size | Ruby Couture
This is the design collection of Danielle
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