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Hip Line
Eve Kinizo's slogan is "Clothing for the Diva on Paper and the Hippie at heart " She further explains, "clothing that's dressy, funky, and obviously up to date, but always with a hippy laidback look attached to it. Targeted towards the artistic; creative; hippy creative girls that go to the art galleries, movies, or anything that involves an artistic event." In short: Sexy. Sulty. Simple and fun with clean lines.


Illustration Janette Maack
Dominique Ansari
“I like to choose colors that speak to me and can look good with any skin tone,” she said. “I’m not afraid to take a risk on vibrant color combinations nor risqué styles that some designers may feel should be more conservative.”Think fun, playful yet seductive with jewel tones. Standouts include asymmetrical cuts, full skirts, romantic floral prints and sumptuous jersey knits with comfort, stretch and fluidity. Sweet Deceptions breaks away from her original aesthetic which is dark, goth-inspired.

Vanessa Barbery
The 26-year-old recently participated in Fashion Week Ecuador 2009, where she showed a portion of her Spring/ Summer 2010 collection emphasizing color and fit. This translates into exotic prints, subtle details, drapery and a bright-color palette. Staples include Nena (a leopard chiffon bubble skirt), Anita (sky blue satin gown) and Cynthia (starburst orange dress with a tier of ruffles). “Women in South America are proud of their curves and appreciate designs that flatter their body,” she said. “I like to keep my consumer in mind.” Although South America greatly influences the hues and textiles used, her silhouettes are global.

Isabella Boutique
Color and texture is the focus for Brazilian Designer Rosimeiri Osorio Ardnt, whose latest collection for Isabela Ecologica is full of beautiful dresses, shoes and accessories. Isabella's location is in Sunnyvale on 142 Murphy Ave.