Welcome to the Alexander Renaissance

Have you ever woken up for work and wondered what it would be like to just wear your weekend clothes with no regrets and feel like an individual without being a work drone? Let me introduce someone who really is interested in giving you just your style, Alexander Wang is one of the top designers in his generation bringing on a fashion renaissance for 2010. Wang knows what you want and he plans on giving you a taste of gourmet style for that appetite!

Wang grew up in San Francisco and moved to New York City with a plan at a young age. Knowing that he wanted to excel seemed to really kick off the designer's career. Internships were abundant for this young success story and included big names such as Marc Jacobs, Vogue and Derek Lam. By his sophomore year at Parsons the New School he was already scheming for his big bang into the industry and had his first collection on the catwalk in 2006. As soon as his line was debuted he was thrown down the rabbit hole into what seems like a never ending success story with disappearing cats and smoking caterpillars galore, not to mention great clothes.

Now Wang has been featured in every fashion magazine from Vogue to Elle to W. He has been included in books and reviews of top level writers and journalists. He is practically becoming the next big thing in a fashion world that is just screaming for help. Considering that all of the designers who have become household names in the last ten to twenty years are resigning and moving on the timing couldn't be better for a rising star.

With all of this experience and excitement under his belt, Alexander Wang seems to have had an epiphany of something a bit different from his mainstream.  After being praised highly for his runway collections Wang produced something of a much slower pace known as the T Collection. The T Collection is what really sums up weekend and sexy comfort. This is the less of the rebellious and more of the everyday. Prices for this line are much less but quality doesn't plunge ladies, so do not fret. It seems that all of the clothing in this most recent installation of the collection is really of the sportier side.

Wondering what it was like I purchased the athletic thermal onesie with metal buttons from the fall 09 line. I have to say that sometimes designer name clothing just isn't worth it because of bad fabric choices.  Alexander Wang definitely blew me away. His fabrics are soft and I actually felt like I was wearing something comfy enough to sleep in! Not only is the fabric great but the quality of the stitching and detailing is top notch.

Knowing the secret desires of the night really seemed to create the gothic gangster movie style in the fall 2010 runway collection and show. The pinstripes and dark colors lurked down the runway on models whose grungy, stringy hair gave off a rebel state of mind. Rocker chick was in but now its back with improvements like criss-cross slits and fabric panels. Black and gray velvet began the new wave of Wang’s adventure into the improved.

 Being able to show off your dark side while looking perfectly work ready is extremely exciting and with the help of the fall 2010 collection it seems a dream come true. The looks all are dark and enticing but really added a lot of “working woman” style with the pin stripes and suit pieces. It seems you really can go to work and look amazing too!

There is more to this collection though. As designers put out clothing and carefully pick what each model wears, they give a story line. In this fall 2010 line, Wang has produced one massive story line! If you listen closely, it's almost like hearing the pieces say "we are a cult of dark minded sexy clothes that want to inspire you into whatever you wish". I personally love the way that the hair and makeup was set for this collection. The dark eyes and grungy matted hair really seems to give these looks the last touch and kicks them into a whole different world.

At the end of the day its safe to say that now you can wake up and say “Oh yes it is Monday morning but OH NO I am not wearing bland boring office clothes!” Welcome to the work world of my weekend meets my career, the world of wake up and live life no matter what you do on a job and daily basis. Welcome to the Alexander Wang Renaissance.



Alexander Wang

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Amanda Wines


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