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Young, bold, and ready to take your wardrobe up a notch, let me introduce you to a designer whose name you will hear again: Anna Kocsis. A recent graduate from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) with a degree in Textile and Knitwear, she is ready to make the fashion world turn its head.

Kocsis’ most recent designs playfully mix your favorite neutrals with fringe, a perfect combination for fall.  Featuring her latest line, Diploma 2010 in a recent photo shoot for The Foundation, a small international group of fashion photographers who collaborate together in Budapest, her fierce yet focused silhouettes are draped with luxurious fringe accessories pieces. Whether it’s a fringe scarf over a classic sheath dress or fringe overlay layered over a body suit, she continually shows how to mix and match timeless pieces with the more whimsical for an unexpected twist. Adorning her model with an eccentric head piece and a fresh yet subdued makeup look, the long fringe drapes over the head piece to further highlight how versatile it really is.

While her looks may seem more curtore than your everyday ready to wear, I love that you can see Kocsis’s personality and vision in her line. Focused yet fun, she is not afraid to play with shape or texture which is refreshing amidst all the cookie cutter fashion we see day to day.  As our technological savvy continues to strengthen and we have more ways to contact each other instantly, regardless of location, Kocsis is a prime example of how international fashion is able to inspire us all.

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Fashion Writer Meghan McCallister


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