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"Thigh High, Oh My"
Arriel Ginter

Ok, so if you haven't heard over the knee boots are one of the top must have trends for fall

Who wouldn't love these stylish, thigh gripping, fashion forward pieces? I am absolutely obsessed, for lack of a better word, and designated that as a now Recessionista that this would be my splurge for fall.

1. Pick a neutral color: black, brown, gray, etc. If you go with a bold color the look may come off more cheesy than classy. Also choosing a neutral gives you more look for your buck, allowing the shoes to be pieced with a variety of outfits.

2.  Know your proportions: Some boots might be higher and tighter than others. The boot top should hit no higher than a little over mid thigh. Make sure you find a pair that embraces the trend, but not consume your legs.

3.  Watch your pairing: Though the skirt and over the knee boots on the runway is fiercest, watch exactly what you pair these boots with. You don't want to look like Julia Roberts on Pretty Woman, before her makeover. The safest is to pair the boots (based on the weather) with either sleek leggings or dark jeans (try to get a slim cut to fit into the boots).

4. Be FABULOUS: Most important, whether you go with flat, wedge, or mini heel style, wear your boots and be fabulous.


I love the look, but the statement with these boots can go either way so there are a few boundaries to follow



Fashion Writer Arriel Ginter

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