McQueen: Fashion King
Arriel Ginter


The Quintessential Fashion Designer Dream
Alexander McQueen is no fashion novice. His story is the quintessential fashion designer dream. In his short 40 years on earth he has managed to acquire 51% of the Gucci Company, man his own womenswear and menswear lines, establish stores in the fashion capitals of the world, former chief designer of Givenchy, and last but certainly not least leave his imprint on fashion history. His ability to mix elements and emotions into his work shows that his passion and understanding of the art is undeniable. This couldn't be more evident than his Spring 2010 ready to wear line debuted at Paris Fashion Week.

When I hear "Paris Fashion Week" images of chic, glamour, and couture instantly come to mind. But with the recent economic situation, I held my breath in anticipation of the recession damper that might result. My angst and worries were instantly put to rest after viewing Alexander McQueen's collection. "Recession who?" seemed to be woven into the computer generated patterns and height (maybe walk) deifying shoes .Consisting of a vivid color pallet, dresses, hint of harem pant,and  leggings; all added  together for  a fabulous show. The clothes and models were representation of a morphed evolution and pure innovation.


Now as far as being "Ready to Wear", the average woman might find it hard to master the 10 inch sculpture pieces, oh I mean shoes presented, but the dresses shouldn't be too hard to manage. Impeccable structure with flow accompanied cinched waist, a little puff (reminiscence of the peplum), and layered ruffle, and to my delight one thing is certain: animal inspiration is in and here to stay.

Here are My Top 6  Faves from the Runway

All in all the show was fierce. It gave a reminder of the true beauty of fashion: it is an art form.   Playing it safe was not an option and gave glitz and glamour in the bleak recession, I LOVED the collection. Now for me to figure out how to get my hands, well feet, on a pair of the shoes...



Fashion Writer Arriel Ginter

Images Alexander McQueen

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