Fashion is certainly no different. Aysha Saeed comes to mind when you think of elegance and her work seems to embody a fierce passion that is meant for the modern business woman to embrace. Today's woman juggles many worlds; the corporate world, a social world and the family world. Ms. Saeed is the one who takes this modern woman as inspiration and creates outfits that can accommodate their very busy lifestyles.

Aysha's "feminine power suiting" concept has been the focus in her latest pieces. These new designs are meant to help the modern woman go from corporate success by day to social diva by night all without having to sacrifice a precious moment of time to change outfits. Her sophisticated looks are created by the luxurious prints she infuses in her American daily wear from Lake Como, Italy, cotton blends from Turkey and trim details from France.

She moved from Pakistan with her family to New Jersey where she started an American teenage life. After high school, she went onto obtain a business degree to please her parents and started in the world of finance on Wall Street. By day she was considered a corporate success, but by night she was dreaming of a place in the fashion industry and this dream carried her to Milan where she opened up an embroidery design consulting and production business. It wouldn't be long before her dreams brought her to where she is now in New York with her own budding collection about to take over the fashion world. Aysha is the epitome of the very inspiration she is conveying through her designs.

In fashion industry years, that's a very short time, yet Aysha has already received much success.  Hayden Panettiere wore a dress from the Spring 2009 collection on the FOX Morning Show and you can see a vibrant yellow rhinestone skirt along with a silk black jacket with rhinestone buttons on one of the Instant Style pages of In Style magazine which truly displays Aysha's unique and beautiful style. She received much attention from MSNBC when they decided to do a profile on her change from the finance world to the fashion industry and the success story is only growing for Aysha Saeed.

I had the opportunity to ask Aysha what trend she was currently working towards. Her answer: Shorts. Her Spring 2011 collection will feature tailored shorts for the modern woman who wants to have a little sophisticated fun.             

Aysha Saeed is a modern day woman who exemplifies what it means to create a success story for herself in a world full of naysayers.  From corporate finance to a life full of beauty and art, Aysha has created a perfect balance in her collections for those women who integrate and blend different lifestyles into one 24 hour day. You can find Aysha Saeed's work on the East coast, mostly in Connecticut and New York, but her presence is expanding into South Carolina and Florida. She will be up and running with a full online store sometime in the very near future.

You'll be able to find that at For now, you can also follow along at her blog



Fashion Writer Meghan Holliday

Images Aysha Saeed

Inspiration: I’m working on several new designs based on the concept of “feminine power suiting” – they’re meant to help women like you look great while climbing the social and corporate ladder (hopefully while wearing some sexy heels). Aysha designs pieces that can bring the modern day woman from day to evening- working woman to cocktail hour with girlfriends.  

What makes your clothing unique?: Aysha pairs sophisticated fabrics with flirtatious silhouettes, and her style infuses international flare with American practicality. Really you could say that wearing Aysha Saeed's line is like taking a trip around the world. With original prints from Lake Como, Italy, cotton blends from Turkey, and exquisite trim details from France, Aysha creates a tapestry of elegantly flirtatious silhouettes that seamlessly define her unique style and grace.  

Most loved designer/brand: Chanel, Dior  

Where can readers buy your clothing?: As of now we are predominant on the East coast- mainly in the northern states such as Connecticut and New York. We are currently expanding our presence in southern states such as S. Carolina and Florida.  We are also working on an online store at her main website so that no one is left out!  

Target demographic: 30s/40s





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