Balenciaga is a fashion house that began its amazing adventure in 1918 when created by Cristobal Balenciaga


He was raised by his seamstress mother he started working with clothing at a young age. He was sent off to gain experience in tailoring and eventually opened his own boutique in Spain. He quickly began gaining respect and favoritism from The Royal Family and its aristocracy in the country. In the next thirty years he moved to Paris and worked with and was compared to designers such as Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli and Christian Dior. From World War II until the Sixties Balenciaga was a well known designer label run by its creator. One of his most popular pieces was a style of sleeve called "The Bracelet Sleeve" because it was 7/8 shorter than normal sleeves allowing the wearer to show off her jewelry.

Sadly his salon closed in 1968 and he died four years after in his home country of Spain. To the delight of his loyal customers the fashion house reopened by two of his apprentices, Andre Courreges and Emanuel Ungaro and was helped by Hubert de Givenchy.


Not only are the pieces one of a kind but they are so easy to wear


Now the fashion house is better than ever. Design has been taken over by Nicolas Ghesquiere and Balenciaga has never looked so good! Being popular for everything from the shapes used to the shoes worn down that never ending runway, the beloved group has really revamped its image. Currently they are best known for their bright color splashes in shoes and accessories, crazy runway makeup and girly but sharp edged dresses. It's certainly not hard to distinguish the trademark pieces when walking down the street the label screams look at me! Not only are the pieces one of a kind but they are so easy to wear. Woman can really relate to the clothing because all the ideas seem to be from basics that we wear every day whether to work or to go out.  


Everything that would be average has become unique with added trimmings and patterns


Although I am biased to say that every collection is amazing because I am a diehard fan I have to say that Resort 2010 is one of the best I've seen. It seems normal at first glance but in reality it's so much more. Every Resort line is made according to what will sell for sure, this either means the ensembles are great or just so so, but Balenciaga has really done it this time! Almost all of the outfits seem to be based on necessities such as skirts and suits, pants and blouses but they have a major touch of personality! Everything that would be average has become unique with added trimmings and patterns.

A great example would be of this leather jacket that is paired with a bow tie top, classic khaki pants and peep toe booties. This look is a new take because not only is the jacket unique but the top is tied at the bottom which gives the outfit a different look compared to current leather jackets. Oh and by the way look at those shoes!


  This shirt can comfortably be worn with a leather jacket like Balenciaga pairs it.  


Another way to wear it is with skinny leg pants or with a pair of tight black leather pants. Great shoes can complete any outfit, especially when it comes to booties.

A ruffled floral dress worn with a skinny belt could be just what every girl needs to spruce up her closet after a cold winter!


This plaid dress can go far with black open toe boots and a fur scarf


Fashion Writer Amanda Wines

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