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Blumarine is a fabulous clothing line that has been designed by Anna Molinari since 1977

This spring Blumarine has given us exactly what we wished for; color tons of color! Complete with Reggae music, the Jamaican themed show introduced their spring 2010 ready-to-wear line. If one hasn’t noticed, tie dye is back in the form of designer labels!

Through the past few seasons I have been captivated with the magazine ads and any information that I could find on the label. I’ve come to discover that Anna Molinari was raised in a fashion clothing manufacturer’s home and therefore had the opportunity as a child to see clothing being made first hand. She currently produces Blumarine, Blugirl and Anna Molinari under the licensing name Blufin. Not only has she been producing clothing since 1977, but she has more recently designed a perfume entitled “You Smell Beautiful”, or Lei Odore Bellisimia in Italian.

The company was originally based out of Capri and did extremely well leading Ms. Molinari to her first runway show in 1981

The next big step was in the year 1990 when the company started a monobrand boutique in Via della Spiga in Milan Throughout the decade her loyal fans wore her t-shirts and Blu-Vi’s small cashmere cardigan with a mink fur color. In 1995 the Blumarine line was combined with the Anna Molinari line that was designed by her daughter, Rossella Tarabini, up until 2008. Also in that year Blugirl was launched again and was made as prêt a porter for younger women.

In Molinari’s eyes fashion has many influences from culture and different decades including past and present. If anything is to be said about this fashion house is that it is going strong with wonderful new ideas and its creator truly speaks to the creative hearts.

The pieces definitely have the feel of staples that every woman needs in her closet this up coming year. We’ve all had our tie dye fad, and let’s not lie to ourselves; we’ve been hoping it would come back in the form of designer labels! If there is anything to be said about Blumarine’s spring 2010 RTW line it is that spring is here ladies, so soak it up.


Although we have all been wondering whether it is time to buy a pair of colored pants I think we have finally gotten the answer in the runway pictures of a beautiful pair of blue bootcuts.  If it is not enough for one to take in, check out the color schemes; blue, orange, tan, pink, pale green, teal and purple. The great thing about the look is that there really aren’t rules. All the colors look great against any skin tone because they are light hues. My suggestion for pairing would be to go with like colors and whites to bring out the “buzz” of the look. Mixing the spring line with white skinny leg jeans, wide brim hats, chunky sandals and summer leathers go great for a standout outfit. Even though runway can sometimes be hard to wear in a real way this trend seems to be perfect for pairing with existing items in your wardrobe and will bring some sunshine to your day!


Fashion Writer Amanda Wines

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Designer Anna Molinari
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