As one of the oldest fashion labels in existence

Burberry has a lot to live up to. Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, this house became famous in the precincts of stylish London for its ubiquitous beige check trench coats. Hollywood fashion was forever altered after Audrey Hepburn donned the trench in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Today Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s current creative director runs this growing empire. Last Fall Bailey proceeded to produce a stunning show; full of grace, elegance and fluidity. The Burberry Prorsum Spring 2010 ready to wear show was fantastic, taking you to another level fantastic. Never Never land fantastic. Bailey took us on a ride with fairies, nymphs, colors, and texture. With all the fantasy surrounding me, could I pick a favorite, or three?

All Tied Up

Lights, camera,  and action: first look, gorgeous leggy brunette swinging said hair wildly. My initial reaction, ‘her dress looks like it is tied up in knots’.  This look was replicated throughout the show on several pieces. I can do tied up; the idea is growing on me. Look two: Lily Donaldson with her immaculate straw tresses, in a mesh-like gorgeously draped mini skirt. These skirts are everywhere, in all colors, pink, taupe, and pistachio. Did Bailey’s inspiration come from eating a box of Miette’s macaroons? The skirt vaguely reminds me of last season’s Alexandar Wang mesh nude skirt. This knot inspiration spills over to not only the skirts, but trench coats, dresses, the shoes and pants. Wait, pants? That’s right pants; the look is more The Mummy Returns, than Roman Holiday, hence I am not too fond of the pair. But my confidence in Burberry is restored once I lay eyes on a sensational Grecian dress flitting down the runway. All is right in the world again.  

Le Trench Coat

Burberry gained notoriety for making their infamous classic beige trench coat. Christopher Bailey, a master at reinventing, did just that and tookle trench to another level in this show. His opening look showed this traditional piece, topped underneath previously mentioned ‘knot dress.’  As the show progressed, the plain trench existed no more. Instead in its place were soft colors, sequin textures, and satin fabrics. Gallivanting down the runway, the models looked smart and enviably stylish in this ever chic statement making piece.



Borrowing from the Boys

Throughout the show, there was some testosterone peppered in the mix.  Even with the extreme girl to boy ratio,  four to one, the men did not disappoint, fitted in leather coats, navy suits, and of course the ever timeless trench.

Color me Bad

A large part of the show was dedicated to Burberry’s signature beige tones; thankfully Bailey switched it up, and offered striking pastels to revolutionize the monotony. The sea foam green sheer skirt and tulle skirt duo were absolutely breathtaking, that very pleasant color instantly revived the show. Another standout was a lilac toned fur jacket.

Overall the clothes had a great summer romance feel to it, with an air of savvy chic-ness. The models were accessorized beautifully; higher than high Burberry platforms, clutches in a standard plaid print, and oversized belts rounded out the overtly feminine frocks. The collection was well crafted and elegantly thought out. I am looking forward to see what Bailey has up his proverbial fashionable sleeve next season.


Fashion Writer Carlina Harris

Images Burberry


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