Charity Fashion Show 2011  

The Charity Fashion Show, benefitting The Princess Project, was unlike any ordinary fashion show.  A total of 40 designers from four different continents lined up to support the infamous initiative with designs and styles from all over the world.  A combination of big city A-list designers, coupled with new local designers, each focused on supporting this amazing charity. 

Pre-show, the backstage was buzzing with activity…but it was a calm chaos.  Out front, the natives demonstrated a laid back, yet restless attitude in anticipation for the show to begin.  Groups of industry insiders, locals, and trendsetters alike were bustling about as they took note of the scene. 

The variety of styles demonstrated from the attendees was perfectly in line with the makeup and hair styling for the show.  The looks, courtesy of Umbrella Salon and Pigment Cosmetics were a fantastic showcase of the designers, as it presented all walks of life.  Behind the scenes in one corner, you saw looks of Disco Glamour and Ladylike 50’s which is can be seen as a complete contradiction (perhaps that’s what the show was going for!).  Then just when you got used to the differences, along comes looks of Grunge Rock and Pop Art, resulting in complete coverage of all facets of style.  This was a clever feat for the show’s producers as it ensured that no style was left unturned.  Now, on to the show….

Tracy Reese designs kicked it off, gracing the runway with her three staple looks: Boho Chic, Uptown/Manhattan (very “Sex In the City”-esque…in particular the character, ‘Charlotte’ was reminiscent in many of the designs), and classically sexy…her traditional, original designs showcasing clean slinky, yet simple lines.

The designer, Anya, brought looks reminiscent of Kate Spade with preppy suits and dresses that demonstrated a sulty and professional looks in deep rich colors of purple and black.

Giving the show an edgy downtown look and feel, Frock designs made you dream of New York City nightlife bringing sexy short minis and open backs (and fronts!) to the runway. 

For fans of the acclaimed series “Mad Men”, Aksel/Milly paired up to show how it’s done with looks for the boardroom, or simply the office.

Future Heretics redefined the show with premium denim looks that gave a twist to the ‘Modern Man’….just imagine if the ‘Modern Man’ went psycho….

Rag Doll Designs and Loft 4513 were a match made in “heaven” producing dark hippy designs that made you think of the demented bride who’s married on a deserted island……perhaps “Survivor Island”….

Antik Batik’s designs were also made for the beach….but this was more of a Palm Springs look and feel.  These sexy mou mou’s were made for relaxing given the long silky flow and billowy ruffles.

Bottom line, The Charity Fashion Show was a hit!  The combination of global designers, eclectic crowd, and exceptional charity (The Princess Project), brought a significant turnout.  Needless to say, it’s very clear as to why this is the largest fashion show on the West Coast. 


Designers Tracy Reese, Anya, Frock, Aksel/Milly, Future Heretics, Rag Doll Designs, Loft 4513, Antik Batik,and many others.

Images Tyler Watkins | Arron Harms

Fashion Writer Anisa Riddell


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