Dolce & Gabbana love to take us away on trips. And it appears that they have bought me a first class ticket once again for their Fall 2010 vacation

I was eight years old when I fell in love with Dominico and Steffano (the pair who make up D&G). Of course, being eight, I didn't know what love actually felt like, but I assure you that if I had been able to own those 2008 revamped Oxford shoes in the Fall/Winter collection, I certainly would've known true love at a very young age.

Now that I'm 20 years old, my definition of love has changed, but Dominico and Steffano are still very much in my Cupid's circle. Their Fall whirlwind for 2010 was probably one of my favourite collections of the duo. Not only did they incorporate very prete-a-porter styles, but they also included styles that encouraged you to jump up, go out, have fun and get the most out of the falling leaves and changing hues.

While many of the ready-to-wear runway shows this time of year are using very neutral colours and fabrics with the odd short dress and skirts that are styled for summer, (think Christian Dior). It was nice to see that D&G were using thicker fabrics all the while keeping the fun feeling alive of being able to reveal some sexy legs before the bitter cold steps in. The use of colours and patterns was brilliant as their collection shows the vitality and appreciation of fall rather than the dead, neutral feeling that the other collections portrayed. I believe that D&G's collection did a fantastic job at ensuring each individual was taken on a trip through time this fall.

They took us back to furry boots and furry jackets

They took us back to wooly prints and fun knits and they gave us accessories that took us back to the fun times of skiing at a winter resort back in the 70's, which we all know would be a blast from the past.


I see this collection as a tribute to those who suffer the cool weather in the fall. I see this collection as a tribute to those who do not necessarily live in igloos, but many in the world believe that they do, (Hint. Hint. Not all Canadians live in igloos). And I see this collection as a tribute to those who still want to feel alive in the middle of fall rather than curl up in a corner simply because they know winter is coming. (Fall and winter can be fun too!)

Dolce & Gabbana did take me on a trip back in time, but personally, I do not feel that they took me back to the winter season. I feel that they took me back to a fun time when fall was slowly bleeding away into winter and it was okay to be warm and fashionable. As a fashionista, I certainly know the sacrifices I've made in the past to be fashionable which have included wearing dresses with only the protection of a sheer nylon on my legs to shelter me from the winter blizzard on my way to school. However, I am truly convinced by D&G that I can be fashionable and comfortable this fall. Perhaps, yet again, this is only because I'm Canadian, as I'm sure each individual's trip with D&G this spring has surfaced different reactions.




The new D&G Ad Campaign, for 2010 Fall Collection, is very brilliant. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana together are truly & wondefully original.



Fashion Writer Meghan Holliday

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