My first impression of the D&G Spring Collection: Peace, Love, and Funky style. Can you Dig it? Not really, but thanks to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana I got to get away with using some 70's slang. On the serious note I was not too impressed by their Spring 2010 Collection. It felt like Deja Vu for me when I was walking through Forever 21 not too long ago. I wanted to see new trends, but it seems as though as Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and  Louis Vuitton 2010 Spring collection are almost around the same concept of 70's fashion.


Louis Vuitton's Spring 2010 Collection runway show was more on the 70's Funkier side with big Afro's, D&G focused on the more settled side with big cool looking Shades which I personally named Cop Shades hope you get why, and striaght long hair worn down simple. With faded denim jeans, Maxi Skirts, which I am a big fan of, and of course the fanny packs. Someone had to just bring them back!


Many reviewers have said it reminded them of the Urban Cowboy look and I do agree. It also brought me back to the wild west with fabulous studded leather cowboy boots, saloon-girl flounces, and denim bustiers. With accessories like bandannas, and mail bags. It elaborates the  70's look/Cowboy  wardrobe as if they mixed and matched two different decades together.


I personally am more fond of the mens Spring 2010 Collection but then again deja vu goes through my mind as i felt like I have seen similiar designs from  Diesel. Like vintage Fiorucci graphic T-shirts alongside discolored leather, studs, rhinestones, and denim (ripped, patched, light and dark).Sounds familiar to you as well? I think very much so, but the leather jackets  vintage Fiorucci graphic T-shirts   are something I would try on and mix and match if I were in a guy!


Although I may not find some of their new spring collection too ravashing and mind-blowing, Domenico Dolce and Steffano Gabbana still remain my favorite Designers, they are original in there own ways as well as master tailors.






The new D&G Ad Campaign, for 2010 Spring/Summer collection, is very brilliant. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana together are truly & wondefully original. Their new campaign Ad potrays Madonna as a Sicilian housewife, as a tribute to the Sicilian way of life.



Fashion Writer Bahar Hashemi

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