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Fendi is a name that has become so entwined in my mind I don’t know if I could ever forget it. The brand is on such a pedestal to this writer that I couldn’t help but run to my computer when the fall 2010 collection was posted from the runway show.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the company it is a fashion house that started in 1925 by a newlywed couple in Italy. In less than ten years they were already famous in Rome and were highly adored by Italian women in the area. In 1965 the signature double F logo was created and work began with Karl Lagerfeld who is famous for his association with Coco Chanel and designs for Chanel, Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld, Chloe and many more large name fashion and couture houses.

Baguette Shoulder Bag $995.00

After the FF logo was created the company seemed to skyrocket into the hands of any women and men who acquired status and luxury. Bloomingdales and many other department stores such as Nordstrom’s purchased items and soon kept the label in constant stock. Beginning with furs and fine leather goods the story continues until we meet at the present close to the 100th anniversary of the world renowned fashion house.

The fall 2010 collection has taken on a life of its own. If I could go where those Fendi covered models were going I would jog there with my vintage Fendi baguette and logo scarf in an instant! The show started out its amazing journey with a white, gray and black patchwork fur coat (So classic Fendi). The fur coat is so uniquely its own compared to other furs out there this season. Not only does it appear to be from one piece instead of three, but it cuts out in the front to come to a rest right at the waistline and continues to be long around the backside as well as sides of the legs.  Tell me I can get my hands on it and I will personally send you a basket full of chocolates and roses!

Chains Bag $1,395.00

The next best thing in this already to die for collection is a pair of corduroy and suede rubber toe high heeled boots. With their four and a half inches of heel, mid calf rise and set in lace up the boots which come in leaf green, winter white, mustard yellow, caramel and black are enough to make any woman max out her credit card and leave her shoes on even on a new Persian rug. To say the least I’d die for these boots.

And then there was the yellow…

Yellow was a wonderful choice for this 1940’s working woman collection. Yellow shirts, dresses, leather bags, shoes, tops and belts will make up for the lack of color we’re going to experience with other designers this winter. What better fix for joy than the sunniest of colors. Mixed and matched with pants and jackets the color goes with any style you are going for this fall and winter and can be worn well into spring if you so choose.

Overall the fall line was a great selection of below the knee length dresses, pants and oversized jackets. Worn with a 1940’s style up dos for hair the pieces left a feeling of romance in the air. Light makeup mixed with black corduroy dresses and classic thick strapped maryjane heels was an oldie but a goodie for this fall 2010 collection. Light plaid shirts layered with fur scarves over brown suede pants and tucked into the rubber and corduroy boots really switched the style from 40’s to 70’s in an instant. All of the pieces are perfectly designed so they can be mixed and matched within the line to achieve different styles of different time eras.

To tell you that Silvia Venturini and Karl Lagerfeld meant for us to be fixated and intrigued it would be nothing short of the truth as all you will have to do is take the slightest glance at this exquisite collaboration and you will know that you’ve been struck by fashion. Fendi then, Fendi now, Fendi forever. Stay intoxicated.



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Fashion Writer Amanda Wines


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