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Gucci Spring / Summer 2010 - Milan Fashion Week
Mariam Awad

Gucci has always been a favorite brand of mine. I marvel at their collections each season. The following it has created can be credited to Frida Giannini, the Creative Director and designer. She has proven worthy of her title with her influential and powerful aesthetic. With her presence and the Gucci essence she has established a whole new spirit for the Gucci brand brought to us by the Milan Fashion Week Show


Giannini dazzled us with Sci-Fi

Frida Giannini joined Gucci in 2002 as a handbag design director and in only two years became the Creative Director of Accessories. Frida then took it to another level from shoes, to bags, never missing even the smallest details. In 2005 she was titled Creative Director of Gucci. In this seasons runway Giannini dazzled us with a sci-fi sporty, yet glamorous, and hippy collection for the sexy, confident modern woman. She surprised us with a different Gucci style.

The color combination was amazing, white, black and grey characterized the show, then the orange, pink and cobalt prints. Heels, platforms, and thigh-highs are so hot this season along with silver and metallic accessories; they fitted well in this collection.The hard edged collection started out with the white section, leading with a glamorous multi-strapped dress that caught everyone’s attention establishing how different this runway would be. Following the amazing white number were cut out dresses, stretched to the body showing body curves and silouettes.


"The high waist stretch leggings with the jackets were the definition of chic, sheer perfection"


Following the white collection was the grey pallet of the collection, mostly grey and metallic, tight pants, and leather jackets. It was more of the Gucci style that we normally expect to see on the Gucci runway, their trademark look.


Metallic Strawberry Pink


Mid collection was the Ikat print in cobalt, black & white, gleaming fluoro-orange, and their metallic strawberry pink. Some think it wasn’t relevant to the collection, yet with the design itself you just can’t do much except love it. Finally my favorite was the Gucci Black Collection, very classy, sophisticated and seductive. The long black dresses were very glamorous, eye catching and stunning.



The whole collection was fascinating; this is the Gucci we all love, especially me.



Fashion Writer Mariam Awad

Images Gucci

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