I have fallen in love; head over killer heels, lusting after accessories, high fashion kind of love. Who might be guilty of stealing my style heart? The culprit: HUSSY , a lifestyle brand originating from down under. One look at Killing Moon, the Autumn 2010 collection, and I am sure you will fall victim to its spell as well.

The collection consists of decadent separates, flirty minis, feminine dresses, and obsess worthy accessories. Each piece has a certain hint of drama or flair while exuding a presence of exclusivity. Adorning these clothes would make any woman feel beautiful yet original. The silhouettes leave the brand open for all body types and figures. The color palette consists of neutrals and electrifying pops of color to keep the pieces enticing and eclectic. My personal favorites, a stunning asymmetrical dress in ash, the Distant Dreamer, and an ivory leopard show stopper, the Prowess Dress, are just two examples of the collections must haves. The fashion forward patterns, shapes, and cuts are right on trend, but allowing the freedom for any fashionista to make the pieces her own.  

I am not the only one who has fallen for the brand and its allure. With a cult following in Australia, celebrities like Kelly Rowland, Charlize Theron, and Pink are at the top of the list.  In fact Marie Hatzis, the designer, recalls a fabulous moment “I was in my store when I first opened and Julia Roberts walks in and shops up a storm! She was absolutely divine.” The line has also been featured in high end stores like Fred Segal, Revolve, and Atrium.  

One has to wonder, how does a brand gain such prestige? Believe it or not, Sydney born Marie started the line with only $2,000 in 1995. Marie had been designing her own clothes from a young age. Then in her early twenties, armed with compliments and ambition she decided to make her passion into a business. Fourteen years and five international stores  later, HUSSY has now cultivated into a highly sought after brand and leader in trends. To add to Marie's accomplishments she has also produced a luxe line, Madame Marie, which debuts only once a year. With such success San Jose Fashion Week was honored to interview this beautiful designer. 



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