Mention the word NAHA to a hairdresser

and they usually get a dreamy, glazed-over look about them as they imagine their name in lights while they receive a standing ovation from thousands of hairdressers who will attend the North American Hairdressing Awards ceremony each year in Las Vegas. Surprisingly, outside of the beauty business few people know of the prestigious NAHA award bestowed upon a tiny handful of the beauty industries best and brightest hairdressers, makeup artists and fashion photographers.

Although little-known let me assure you this is Big, really BIG

Think of it as an Oscar to an actor, or a Nobel to a scientist or humanitarian. This year Santa Clara, California will be put on the NAHA map for the first time ever by Salon Blu stylist Jaymz Marez. Jaymz will join the ranks of NAHA recipients Vidal Sassoon, Anthony Mascolo, Nicolas French, Beth Minardi, and other beauty industry icons who have nabbed a NAHA over the years.

Jaymz is a San Jose native who attended San Jose City College for cosmetology and has been doing hair for seven years in the San Francisco Bay area. While working behind the chair servicing clients at Salon Blu day to day, Jaymz has built a loyal following as a commercial hairdresser. He is well known in the business for his high fashion and avant garde work for fashion shows and magazines. I spoke with Jaymz about his recent accomplishment...

"I really couldn't have done this without a great team"

While he is clearly the creative force behind the images, Jaymz has a certain modesty about him and gratitude for the people who help him achieve the winning looks he is presenting in the texture and avant garde categories, "I really couldn't have done this without a great team" Jaymz said. "Jeremy Montemayor is an amazing photographer and plays a vital role in creating the finished images. NAHA is as much about photography as it is about hair."I asked what else he felt it took to get to the NAHA finals and he spoke only of others "Hanh Nguyen did an awesome job on the makeup, the models were great and my wife Heather has put up with me working a lot of late nights and hairpieces all over the house!"


Jaymz Marez is one of the most inspired and creative hairdressers in the world. He has worked very hard for many years to get where he is and especially to be a NAHA finalist. He also is the creative director for Salon Blu training other hairdressers in his techniques. When working in the salon He specializes in hair extensions, hair color , hair cutting and styling. To see more of Jaymz's amazing work, please visit his website at If you would like to reach Jaymz for an appointment you can call him at 408-469-3545 or at Salon Blu at 408-246-4247. Consultations are always free of charge.

Jaymz Marez


Hair Designer Jaymz Marez
Photography by Jeremy Montemayor
SJFW Beauty Writer James Griffiths / Salon Blu

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