The J. Crew Fall 2010 Collection

In 1983, J.Crew proudly circulated its first catalog advertising their chic preppy attire to the masses, and after much success, the company opened the very first flagship store in the South Street Seaport district of New York City just six years later.  Since then, J.Crew has opened numerous stores around the country and even started other apparel lines including Crewcuts for children and J.Crew Bridal.  Most of the recent changes noticed by the fashion community have been accredited to the always-captivating Jenna Lyons who now holds the distinguished position of  Executive Creative Director of J.Crew.

J.Crew has doubtlessly come a long way since the days of argyle sweater vests overtop crisp, firm white button downs and drab black sheath dresses.  The Fall 2010 Collection for J.Crew proved to be a far cry from the mundane way they might have approached their apparel collections in the past.  This season, J.Crew presents their line in such an imaginative way that even Jenna Lyons was quoted saying “I’m not expecting people to dress like this.”

The twiggy models fearlessly wore each ensemble as if it were an everyday occasion

although any fashion savvy individual knows that it is most definitely not.  Heaving cropped fur coats decorated with clusters of shimmering brooches draped over comfy knit men’s cardigans seemed like a bizarre match to the summery cut-off shorts but somehow, it worked.  Maybe it was the hazy gray tights beneath the jean shorts coupled with fanciful gold strappy heels that fused the two divergent looks together.  Elegant fur vests were prevalent in several of the looks displayed, but were cleverly finished off with a casual thin leather belt to detract from all the flashiness that furs so famously represent.  Glimmering sequence camisoles were peaking out beneath structured camel blazers while paper bag khakis were held tightly in place by the reoccurring casual leather belt. 

The ever-classic jean jacket could also be discovered within the many layers of delicate silk blouses and tweedy overcoats

Adirondack jackets in blushing pinks and deep olive greens were piled atop everything from frilly lace bridal gowns to embellished formal mini skirts. The idea of combining a lackadaisical woven pullover with a dressy mini and glistening tights would seem foreign to the average person, but J.Crew delivers the look without hesitation and with complete success. Layer upon layer was the motif found in this year’s J.Crew Fall collection.

A diversified assortment of hats

The diversified assortment of hats seemed like the impeccable final touch needed to top the charismatic ensembles selected for the season’s collection.  The fedoras donned captivating leopard prints, lavish brown and creamy ivory tweeds, and whimsical blue ribbons as not to dismiss the effeminate audience to be wooed. Cozy woven arm warmers were not forgotten even among the ravishing bridal gowns while plush wool socks were the staple accessory whether reaching thigh-high or pushed effortlessly into a rugged riding boot.  The tresses that were not dressed up in luxurious headwear embraced the chic messy unkempt look that precisely featured fishtail braids across the front and dainty flowers placed at random about the hair.
The entire runway collection had the ability to keep one’s eye moving about as if trying to take in as much as possible with every glimpse but falling just short of comprehension with each blink of an eye.  As these looks seemed to overwhelm, they were also incredibly intriguing keeping one wanting more.  Maybe just a simple explanation on how to attain even a slight replica of the runway looks they so wittingly delivered or maybe we should just appreciate the ornate ensembles for what they are.




Fashion Writer Angela Denton


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