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One of this Winter's hottest trends and still continuing from last year is Leggings

Not only did leggings become the designers' favorite and the most shown on runways, but also became every woman's and girl's wardrobe essential.

Leggings as we all know is a type of fitted trousers, it can be worn by both men and women, although I don't prefer men wearing them. Leggings were originally made as two separate garments, one for each leg but it kept on transforming until the way it is now,which is easier to wear.
There are so many different kinds of leggings this year; sequined, velvet, shimmer, knit and jeans. My favorite ones are lace, leather, metallic, shredded, and liquid leggings. They give you the sexy long leg look specially if you know how to wear them right.

If you are into the disco-diva look you can wear vibrant colored leggings or shredded jeans and wear them underneath

For those who lack the confidence of showing off their legs, please don't be, now you can wear whatever you want... You can wear a mini skirt or a shirt dress and add a pair of leggings to that. Be confident and hit the street, but keep in mind that dark colored leggings are always more flattering.

To me a woman wearing heels is aware of how attractive and sexy they are. They give any lady a great posture, longer looking legs and thinner ankles compared to flats. I'm not into flats myself, but if some of you just like to feel comfortable then you can go ahead and wear them with leggings.

Many celebrities love wearing leggings like Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and more. It's easy, elegant, sexy and feminine.

Pair it up with long sexy stilletos, with a belt, mini jackets and layered chains

So if you haven't got a pair of leggings go now and get it. They are versatile and add so much to an outfit. You will definitely rock in them. Vibrant colors are also very chic if you're into the disco-diva look.    


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