Cycle shorts, military jackets, afros and a myriad of prints doesn't seem the likely mix for a fierce, let alone understandable collection. But with Marc Jacobs as the lead in the creative force for Louis Vuittons' Spring 2010 Ready to Wear line, never fear. He brought all these elements and more to the runway in Paris.

Marc Jacobs, oh how we've all grown to be absolutely in love with his designs. He got his start by following the advice of the famous Perry Ellis. It has been stated he told him to pursue his dreams and go to Parsons Design School. Marc Jacobs before even graduating  had established and sold a line of knit sweaters! Marc now has his own company with several brands including Marc, The Marc Jacobs Collection, and Little Marc. He maybe one of the most well known and recognized designers being a common accessory to many celebs.  Since 1997 he has held the position of creative director for Louis Vuitton and is credited with establishing its first ready to wear line.  Fast forward to now and not much has changed; in Paris his aesthetic shined through for a great spring into 2010.

What I loved:

Photos: Monica Feudi / Go

I loved all of the options! Each model strutting with her afro wig had at least four pieces on at a time. This allows for women to be able to use pieces in many different outfits. With the current state of the economy, who is going to turn that down? I might regret this if the trend overhauls, but I really loved the cycle shorts. Used properly with a solid color bubble dress or skirt, it can be the perfect pop for an ensemble. I do not suggest or recommend wearing them on their own, it might end in tears.

Photos: Monica Feudi / Go

Everyone should know that this spring is going to be a print filled season. The Loui line did not disappoint. The variety of colors and range of styles is what really enticed me to the collection. Soft and bright greens, pinks, oranges, blues, browns and even purples were paired with the patterns. Prints have been done before, but this year it's different for many designers. It's about wear ability with flair. And with Marc Jacobs you can hope for nothing short of panache. Tribal, tweed,  plaid, metallic, mesh, denim, solids, and stripes were just a few of the background materials of choice. My personal favorite was a green, almost fringed, sweetheart neckline cocktail dress.

The print and silhouette were a true testament to Jacobs's genius

Military colors and jackets appeared several times in the show. This influence also came in diversity of designs. Oversized pockets adorned tweed patterned jackets and skirts. A princess sleeve short layered military green suit jacket left me reaching for my wallet. That jacket alone could be worn to work, dinner, or my beloved pastime: shopping.

Photos: Monica Feudi / Go

White fuzzy stuff literally spurting out of the sides

The shoes were horrible. I am a firm believer that style should be never sacrificed for the sake of being different. I think Mr. Jacobs took it a little bit too far with the furry tassel clogs and chunky flats and sandals. The mere mention of the word clogs sends my heart into a panic, but add an oversized furry tassel and you're at the point of looking like you have Chewbacca feet. The fur didn't stop there, clunkers (as I like the call the sandals/flats) had white fuzzy stuff literally spurting out of the sides. Not in the least chic or cute. I pray to the fashion Gods I don't witness these on the streets. It might just happen though since Marc himself walked the runway in a pair of clogs...







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