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Marc is very well known for his hand in the Louis Vuitton name

So many great designers these days are either European or come from some random small town in the Midwest. It is rare that a true visionary is born and raised in New York City, but that is exactly the case with Marc Jacobs. On April 9, 1963, two Jewish Americans gave birth to a little boy; a boy that would one day become one of the most noted fashion designers in the world.

Jacobs studied at Parsons The New School of Design and won several awards (including Design Student of the Year) while attending. He sold his first line while still in school, but then began to design for Perry Ellis, and made the “grunge” look popular. At the young age of 24, Jacobs was honored by the CFDA for being Fashions New Talent, a very prestigious award. Only 5 short years later he was considered to be a true designer in his own right and once again the CFDA named him the Women’s Designer of the Year.  Soon after, he showed a full menswear collection in 1994.

Today, Marc is very well known for his hand in the Louis Vuitton name. He was given the title as Creative Director in 1997 for this luxury brand and has continued to prove his worthiness every season since. Not only is LV extremely successful, but also his own line, Marc by Marc Jacobs breaks boundaries and finds new followers daily. From his advertising to Runway shows, Jacobs remains imaginative with everything he does and will do so as long as the industry will let him, I'm sure.


The goal of runway shows are no secret; gain press and lots of it

Jacobs's Spring 2010 Ready To Wear line can be broken down into three categories: ruffles, tailored pieces and undergarments worn on the outside as layers. While I'’m all for mixing feminine dresses and blouses with blazers and button ups, the braziers over the shirts was not appealing. The look he was going for was obvious, but that was the wrong way to achieve it. The painted white faces has been done a lot on the runway, especially recently, and its not flattering. The goal of runway shows are no secret; gain press and lots of it. The designers main way of doing this is by pulling off outlandish styling techniques with models; these looks left me saying boring instead of wow.

Plus, it wasn't consistent; some of the girls faces weren’t painted and some of them didn't sport the tightly pulled ballerina bun that the others did. Jacobs was trying to make a point to the industry that he was sick of seeing black and studs thrown all over everything, but honestly I would have rather seen that. It seems as if he was trying so hard to be the exact opposite of what everyone else was doing and he completely missed the mark-no pun intended. Overall, the show just wasn’t something I would stamp the Marc Jacobs name on. 

To be fair, there were some things that I did enjoy. The iridescent jackets and over all militant inspired cover-ups were to die for, along with the ruffled short outfits. There are a lot of individual pieces in the collection that I love, but just not what they were styled with. The colors are exactly what I expect for this spring; along with the chiffon type textiles and sheer accents. The bags that were carried are all very eclectic and striking in their own right. Lots of tassels and fringe make them more interesting and fun for spring an almost hippie inspired look.

The tailored jackets are perfect for any body type


because they truly hide any imperfections and accentuate the beautiful curves of a woman’s figure.  The skinny belts around the true waist is also something many woman can do over a summer dress or even a trench to add a feminine flare. Pastels are so lovely, but hard to wear sometimes because of the possibility that they wash some women out. However, as long as there is a pop of color somewhere, be it the belt, bag, shoes or lipstick, to break up the muted pallet, you're safe.  What Jacobs did with the ruffles and jackets is something you will see a lot of this spring. Mix up your closet; get creative with pieces that you don't think would make sense with each other, and have fun with it. Fashion is about taking risks but also knowing when and where to edit.


Fashion Writer Emily Nawrocke

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