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Have you ever been to a place that seems historic, classy and hip at the same time? As a San Jose Fashion Week Fashion Writer, I had an opportunity to attend a Fashion for Charity event at the British Banker’s Club (Menlo Park) and experienced this feeling for myself.


There have been many successful productions at British Banker’s Club produced by BBC's owner Sasha Gerling, and Fashion for Charity wasn’t an exception. Visitors had the opportunity to taste the delicious appetizers and delicacies prepared with a european flair by the BBC’s chefs accompanying them with wine or signature cocktails, while watching an exclusive fashion show featuring Vasily Vein’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection and a Men's Shirt Collection by designer Narcie Camicie.


The event was accessible for a small charitable donation which would go to the Kids On The Move America, a non-profit youth impact project that develops programs that support health, social and intellectual development in low-income children in Alameda County.

The fashion show, directed and promoted by Charleston Pierce, opened with fashion designer Narcie Camiciefeaturing her Men's Shirt Collection Fall/Winter 2011. The following designs were by Russian Designer Vasily Vein, who is also an artist from San Francisco. The Vasily Vein collection consisted of tops, wool outerwear and stunning evening dresses. The models were all beautiful and carried an aire of confidence and poise.

The print and embroidery on shirts seem hip this season. However, my personal favorites were the assortment of evening dresses that looked bright, festive and classy at the same time. The outerwear was also very original in design featuring geometric patterns and asymmetric styles. Though the pace of the show was far too slow for the music, the 10-minute break, in between the show, filled with energetic music and dancing seemed to re-energize the crowd a little bit and prepare everyone for the biggest surprise from the show organizers.


So here is the surprise: in the end, Vasily featured some of his collections not on models, but on his clients, women who wear actually wear the Vasily Vein brand. So we all had a unique opportunity to see how the collection looks “in life” on real people. This idea received a substantial audience reaction. Vasily seem to have alot of supporters and following at the event.

The British Banker’s Club seemed an ideal place for such an event with it's mix of American and French cuisine and vast assortment of fine wines and brews. A unique property design added to the style and idea of the fashion show, and possibility to have some drinks at a bar on the second floor while mingling with show organizers and observing how the show is prepared was a nice opportunity for all those curious fashion lovers.

We hope that we’ll see many more events at British Banker’s Club supported by Sasha. It’s a great idea to contribute to the community by bringing fashion to the mass public and helping people at the same time. San Jose Fashion Week is proud to endorse and support Sasha Gerling and the British Banker’s Club, and we are looking forward for more BBC produced events in the future.




Fashion Writer Shushanik Khachaturian

BBC Owner | Executive Producer Sasha Gerling

Promoter | Producer Charleston Pierce

Designer Vasily Vein

Designer Narcie Camicie | Mens Shirt Collection 2011

Photography SJFW Brian Hang

Models (information coming soon...)


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