Europe is the Mecca of the Fashion World

Many parts of Europe have established their own fashion week to showcase their country's talent. Ukrainian Fashion Week was founded in 1997 and has now become a staple for the nation. Now more than forty menswear and womenswear collections are shown, Olena Dats' was amongst them. Known in her home country, Ukraine, best; Olena creates clothing  "From thread to perfect image".

After having attended the Lviv Academy of Arts for Fashion Design from 1995 to 2001, Olena set out to fulfill her destiny as a Women's Wear designer. In 2007, marking the ten year anniversary of the Ukrainian Fashion Week, her Fall-Winter 2006-2007 collection hit the runway. She has since not disappointed. Olena has now presented her clothing in Paris (for fashion week!), Japan, Italy, Russia, and more. Her most recent collection was for Spring-Summer 2010.

Structured yet with a whimsical flow

her use of screen prints created pure beauty. It's clear she has a love and passion for what she does. San Jose Fashion Week wished to find out more about the woman behind the genius.

SJFW - When did you know you wanted to be in the fashion industry?

Olena - First I have chosen the style of my life I wanted to have and then step by step my destiny brought me to the place where I’m now.

SJFW - How long have you been in the industry?

Olena - Our Atelier was open in 2001. Collection for Ukrainian Fashion Week was created in 2005. We first took part in the Salon during Paris Fashion Week with spring- summer 08 collection.

SJFW - What is your role in the industry?

Olena - I don’t think that my role in the world Fashion Industry is big ,but I can say that our mark influence on the development of the Fashion Industry in Ukraine.

SJFW - What does fashion mean to you?

Olena - It is a part of our cultural and everyday life. Sometimes it is a toy for fun and sometimes for education.

SJFW - What is your inspiration?

Olena - Usually there are only some feelings and impressions that depicts our surrounding .But whatever theme I choose my roots are always visible.

SJFW - Is there a theme or message in your clothing?

Olena - Philosophy: I try to create simple things with intellectual filling.

SJFW - What makes your clothing/accessories unique?

Olena - I try to create interesting and modern collections combined with perfect cut and presidios quality

SJFW - Your target demographic?

Olena - Most of our clients are successful people confident in future.
Твоя целевая аудитория?

SJFW -  What are the materials you work with, color, patterns, hardware, etc.?

Olena - From thread to perfect image! The feeling of freedom inspire to create own fabrics with help of weaving and exclusive screen print. These only natural fabrics (silk , wool, mohair, etc.) become a source of non-cut and unique cloth. It gives you balance and comfort, charm and freedom. Also big attention is dedicated to weaved and embroided details filled with human hands warmth.

SJFW - What is your favorite piece/item you have ever done?

Olena - The Collection that won the Grand Prix of “Trophee Evian des Creatours de Mode” Evian, France, in June 2005. It combines everything that I like while creating.

SJFW - Quote that defines you in the fashion business or personally
Olena - Everything is in our hands, so we can not put them down.

SJFW - What is your favorite fashion season?

Olena - Fall /winter is my favorite season. It usually means multilevel more refined look more possibilities in the way of wearing. It usually inspires me much more.

SJFW - How do you feel the recession has affected the fashion industry, if it has at all?

Olena - The same as any other businesses. I think those who were self-sufficient survived, It also cleansed many minds and gave them a new scale of values.

SJFW - What trend could you do without this year/season?

Olena - The return of jeans jackets

SJFW - What trend do you love this year/season?

Olena - Sophisticated beige jersey or wool  dresses
SJFW - Most loved designer/brand?

Olena - Coco Chanel.

SJFW - What is your most beloved fashion item (accessory, shoes, clothing)?

Olena - All kinds of cocktail dresses.

SJFW - Being a Ukrainian designer, do you feel American and Ukrainian fashion tend to differ, and so how much? How you would you define your city's fashion?

Olena - The tastes differ even closer depending on the part of my country .I  think the same in USA trendy people in New-York will totally differ from those in L A. For me Fashion has no borders and Ukrainian  trend hunters  can easily compete with the ones from abroad.

SJFW -  Do you market in the United States? If not, do you plan to do so?

Olena - Not yet but I hope to find some agent who can present our new fall-winter 10-11 collection for the United States market.

SJFW - What is the most memorable/favorite moment in your fashion career/history?

Olena -  Each moment in my work gives me a lot of excitement.


Fashion Writer Natalia Puntikova

Fashion Writer / Editor Arriel Ginter

Images Olena Dats'

In modern world the most precious currency is time

Being always stressed in a hurry there is a possibility to loose something global, fundamental and important. We do our best to fill our life , even if you are a happy person satisfied going to work in the morning and happy to come back  home in the evening still there is always a lack of time for some interesting book about faraway worlds or to discover the secrets of lost civilizations or do some exiting travel. It was so easy to dream about all of it when we were children when time walked and now is running. Creating clothes I try too offer you this travel, enlarge the borders of the minute. To make you feel that your microcosm is filled with something important and intellectual very easily.


Dress-transformer , dress-game , dress like mobile Calder  sculptures. The form can be easily changed depending on your morning mood.

SJFW - Where can your collections be found?

Lviv,  1, Shpytalna Str.,  -"Yellow & Blue " boutique , "MAGNUS" Shopping Center
Kyiv, 51-a, Khmelnytskoho Str., - "BEAUMONDE" boutique
Kyiv, 12-a, Klovskij Spusk, - "DESIGNERS WORKSHOP" boutique
Vinnytsia, 81, Soborna Str., - "DRESSCODE" boutique
Odessa, 4, Yekaterininskaya Str., - "SNOBB" boutique
Dnipropetrovsk, 76, Kirova Ave., - "AVANTIME" boutique
Kharkiv,28 Rymarska str-“SATIN” boutique

Paris, FRANCE, 124, rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 - "Galerie Simone" boutique
Gosselies, BELGIUM, 76-78, Rue Vandervelde, 6041 - "Les Jardins d'Amarante" boutique
Kumamoto-City, JAPAN, 6-23, Kamitori-Cho, 860-0845 - "Martha" boutique
Jakarta, INDONESIA, JL DARMAWANGSA VI/IX, 62-21-72788367 - "MELA" boutique
Manama, Bahrain, Al-A’ali Complex,1st floor - "NOOZI" boutique
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Centria Mall - 2nd Floor - "Era Boutique"

TM "Olena Dats ‘ GALLERY"
Kyiv, 11-a Moskovskyi Ave.,  - “Modnyi Kvartal” boutique ,”ALTA-Center” Shopping Center
Kyiv, 1-b Obolonskyi Ave., - “Modnyi Kvartal” boutique ,”Dream Town” Shopping Center
Dontesk, 2, Pavshyh Komunarov square, - “Modnyi Kvartal” boutique , "Zolotoye kol’tso" Shopping Center
Zaporizhya, 92, Lenina Ave., - “Modnyi Kvartal”  boutique , "Palmira-Plaza" Shopping Center
Mariupol, 53, Metalurgov Ave., - “Modnyi Kvartal”  boutique ,"Bravo" Shopping Center
Kramatorsk, 36-a, Shkadinova Str., - "Modnyi Kvartal" boutique

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