Peter Cassara Clothiers  

Peter Cassara Clothiers
Anayo Awuzie

Beginning in Monrele, Sicily with his five brothers in 1969, they started out making suits in factories before deciding in 1971 to start their own family business and open up Cassara Clothiers. They began pretty strongly and owned almost half a dozen stores across the Bay Area. However, locations closed as his brothers retired and then there was one, Peter Cassara Clothiers, the last of the family chain.

Cassara offers an array of different products and services but the one thing he wanted to stress the most is that he is a tailor. “I am a tailor before anything else and [that] I do the best alterations in the bay.”  Did I mention he does all alterations by himself? Cassara knows his strengths and is not afraid to show what he is good at. Within the modest shop, he also sells Italian jackets, coats, shirts, slacks, and accessories. “I offer European fashion straight from Italy.” Indeed, Cassara offers designers such as Mantoni, Lanificio Di Castello, and Baroni.

As I walked into a quaint and welcoming shop on a weirdly busy Tuesday morning in Sunnyvale, I immediately felt underdressed amidst racks of expensive, designer Italian jacket lining the walls. However, feelings of my wardrobe choice disappeared instantaneously when I was immediately greeted warmly by Peter, owner and founder of Peter Cassara Clothiers.

Very down to earth yet also high in demand, Cassara always puts his dedicated customers first, even when I wanted to interview him. A woman who has been coming to his shop for the past six years despite him moving locations five times was getting some of her pants tailored. Cassara never hesitated when she wanted them lowered, raised, or cuffed.

and his customer service is top notch according to American Express who honored him with the “Best Tailor in the Silicon Valley” award a few months ago. “A lot of people know the name Cassara and he wants to bring it out even more because Cassara should be the ‘Men’s Warehouse’ of the Bay Area” said one of his clients.


He claims that he also wants to expand into more casual clothes like sports shirts and jeans “to attract a younger crowd.” He already offers brands such as Enzo and Stacy Adams. The services are extensive and looking at the brands, it seems that Cassara wants to provide nothing shorter than the best of quality. Cassara carries brands such as Enzo, Baroni, Massotti, Vitali, Giorgio Fiorelli, Manzini, Rossellina, mantoni and Raffinati. Cassara travels to Italy annually to take in new fashions so the spirit of Italy is not only felt in his shop but a client will take it home with them.

He has sworn me to secrecy but expect bigger and greater things in the future. Considering that he is the last of his brothers in the business I asked if his children would partake. “My kids are adults now and already have their own careers in mind so who knows; maybe my younger kids will choose to continue the business when they get older.” For now, clients can expect Peter Cassara to never quit. “I might as well keep going until I die, why retire?”




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Peter Cassara Clothiers

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