The Prada Fall 2010 Collection

Miuccia Prada was not always involved in the dazzle and glamour that we all associate with the alluring industry known as fashion.  After attaining a PhD in Political Science and studying the art of pantomime in which one acts out a story with body movements or gestures and without the use of speech, Prada took over her grandfather’s leather goods company in 1978.  I am sure she could never have imagined what would become of this powerfully compelling company and high profile brand known today as Prada.
As the models for the Miuccia Prada Fall Collection 2010 Show paraded valiantly down the runway, it was not hard to determine that this Fall, Prada is taking an unambiguous approach to the conventional style women everywhere refer to as classic.  Dare I say Prada exudes basic, simple styles that even the most accustomed women reach for while preparing for a routine workday?

There were no legs left untouched by these woven, winter tights


Although an array of pieces seem to be wearable to the ordinary woman, there is still a hint of the extraordinary found especially in the prints that resound boastfully upon the rich autumn fabrics.  Dresses that celebrate the sensuous, curvaceous women of the fifties paired with cushy, wool knee-high socks and finished off with dainty T-strap sandals.  There were no legs left untouched by these woven, winter tights.  Cocktail dresses found in thick, chunky sweater fabrics hugged the models’ bodies while complementing the Camel colored A-line frocks.  Buxom party dresses doted modern cutouts while the deep indigo blue and black plaid prints kept the ensemble cool and classic.  The librarian motif was heavily apparent in several of the belted working dresses that celebrated modesty and demureness. There were not only dresses to behold for the desirous fashion go-er, but separates that gloated on the runway in gentle silks with pleasant designs ranging from modish plaids in subdued grays and rich amber to more chic paisley-like prints donning dark charcoals and sunny yellows. Topping off the show were structured pea coats with feminine cuts dressed in dense glossy leather and heavy wool textiles.  One could feel perfectly comforted by the normalcy and rejoice in the triumph of the familiar woman.
Pairing the ever charming and glamorous bouffant hairstyle that wholly dominated the early sixties with the sophisticated classic pieces is without question genius. This Jackie O induced hairstyle is the perfect cherry on top to these sophisticated yet effeminate basics.  Teased to perfection, swept up smoothly atop the head and crowned with the dateless essential black headband in order to radiate the complete package of feminism that the Prada Fall 2010 collection perfectly represents.

Keeping the impeccable silhouette intact

If supreme femininity and curvaceousness were what Miuccia Prada was trying to convey, I must say that is exactly what was delivered to the fashion-savvy crowd gathered around this runway. It is just what women needed, a break from agonizing over thinness and the burden of keeping the impeccable silhouette in tact.  Using a cast of customary waify thin models was not Prada’s choice this Fall, but she did justify the collection with a multitude of shapely bosomy Victoria’s Secret models who seemed to uphold exactly what she was trying to convey.

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