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by Carlina Harris



Proenza Schouler was founded in 2002 by the dashing duo, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez.  The pair met in 1999 while at Parsons School of Design, and collaborated on their final senior project. During their time at Parsons together each interned at a major fashion house. Hernandez at Michael Kors, and McCollough at Marc Jacobs. Both brought different types of styles and inspirations to the table inevitably creating their now infamous line, Proenza Schouler.


Known for their downtown meets uptown style

these two put together several seasons chalk full of muted colors, their signature piped bustier tops, and plenty of attention to detail. They gained even more notoriety in 2007, when they paired with Target to launch the GO International line. This spin off collaboration resembled their similar spring line but at a more affordable price point.


Fashion Faux Pas?

After several seasons of playing it safe with mostly neutrals, the designers took a dip in the fashion ocean, literally. Their latest Spring Summer 2010 ready to wear line was inspired by water, marine life, and the surf/skate culture. To know the inspiration is to understand and love the collection.  I must admit, upon first laying eyes on the line, I was a tad confused. Why is there a windbreaker jacket tied around that woman’s waist? Are the models supposed to look like they are doing the walk of shame? Bed head? Check. Last night’s heels, with current beau’s schlepy oversized jacket? Check. Slept in mascara? Check. So as you can tell, I was not terribly impressed with the under styling of it all. The clothes are another story.


Exotic Aquatic

The collection is a cross between Kate Bosworth’s character in Blue Crush- one of my all time favorite movies by the way- and a new age, futuristic, Gossip Girl.  Lazaro and Hernandez do a great job of showcasing some amazing pieces. Favorites included: well cut blazers, buttoned up oxford shirts, board short tie skinny pants, and leather sheath dresses.  The direction for these looks can go either way, depending on which coast you’re on.

Speaking of the coast, water was hugely represented in the designers’ vision. With the ocean as inspiration, it was only natural that the theme continued to show up throughout the show. Bright neon’s, ultramarines, shark fin sequins, periwinkle hair dye, and green and aqua hues made reoccurring appearances. The standout of the collection was when Lazarro and Hernandez paired intense, unthinkable colors and textures together, and made the models enviably attractive.            


Great Expectations

Designer duet, Lazaro and Hernandez stand atop their empire.  Their growing collection now includes stunning bags and shoes. Amidst all this, there is no stopping them; they continue to put out breathtaking collections. These two deserve a standing ovation, and a message machine full of potential buyer voicemails. Their muse was obvious, yet remained refined but fun.   Leighton Meester said it best, when asked what she thought of their S/S 2010 show and, and responded, “a good time.”


Fashion Writer Carlina Harris

Images Proenza Schouler




To tackle pulling off these stellar outfits at home, without looking like a cross between Cher and La Toya Jackson, at first could seem challenging.  The trick is to be minimalist with the extras. Because the prints themselves are so loud, you need to showcase just one, flamboyant piece at a time.


Try combining the neon spandex top with black skinny pants, or an oxford button up with the sequin skirt. For the more adventurous Proenza Schouler fan, there is always the option of dying your locks à la Anastasija or Valeria.

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