The Fall 2010 runways screamed for a trip to the past


The past where women are women, curves are beautiful, and bed head is not acceptable. It’s often hard to find a brand that can allow women to exude a confidence and sex appeal without bearing it all. The clothing line, Stop Staring! , not only meets those demands but enchants with its vintage inspired silhouettes.   

What I love about the brand is not only the 40’s and 50’s vintage feel, but its attention to making a woman feel comfortable in her own clothes. Dresses usually have that one problem area, the material is bunching, your butt looks too big, or your hips are screaming for help. The designer, Alicia Estrada, eliminated these issues by using materials that adheres to femininity instead of hindering it. The garments are quintessential of the classic charm the past brought us, but with wearability.

Stop Starings’ website,, is a virtual fantasy for all fashionistas. Sailor girl playsuits to femme fatale worthy trench coats, all are just a mere click away from being staples in one’s wardrobe. Oh and the dresses, can't forget the fabulous dresses, to die for! A simple floral with an a-line shape, a seducing deep red sweet heart neckline number, a sophisticated eggplant piece to the knee; anything that a retro heart can imagine is there.

Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren; all Hollywood bombshells with amazing wardrobes that only the modern day women could hope to emulate. Achieving vintage glam couldn’t be easier with mastermind of Alicia Estrada at the design table. San Jose Fashion Week was honored to interview her.


SJFW: When did you know you wanted to be in the fashion industry? 

Alicia Estrada:  As soon as the boutiques started buying my dresses, I realized that I could really do this!  This is when I got excited, and really went for it!

SJFW: When and how did the company get it's start?

Alicia Estrada: I started around 1997; it was basically me sewing dresses for me, my sisters, and my friends.  My designs were getting a lot of attention, then a cool boutique on Melrose called Booth 7, began to sell my designs. 

SJFW: With such an interesting brand name, where did it come from? 

Alicia Estrada: I designed my own wardrobe in college, I got lots of attention and people were always staring at me.  So I decided to take paint and paint “Stop Staring!” across the back of my plastic skirt.  It was such a hit, people loved it, and I made many new friends because of that skirt.  So I always said that if I was to ever start a clothing line, I would call it “Stop Staring!”

 SJFW: What makes your clothing unique? 

Alicia Estrada: Stop Staring! is vintage inspired, I create all my own designs, with my owns special fit.  I also design all my collection up to size 18, so everyone can look beautiful!

SJFW: Have you always been inspired to do a vintage based line?

Alicia Estrada: Yes, in college I designed 1960s inspired clothes such as cigarette pants, and short mod looking dresses.

SJFW: Do you feel by channeling the vintage era in your clothing allows for your customers to feel more sexy and feminine?

Alicia Estrada: I think that when you combine classic timeless style with a feminine pretty touch, it is very powerful and sexy!

SJFW: The dresses absolutely make a woman and her curves look flawless, was this your goal with the clothing line?

Alicia Estrada: Yes, my goal was to make beautiful dresses, with an excellent fit!

SJFW: What is your favorite piece you have created?

Alicia Estrada: Right now, my favorite dress is the Madmen in olive green houndstooth.  This dress is a 1940s inspired dress, can be worn from day to dinner.  It is an empowering sexy work dress.  So many people have written articles on Mad Men style, and have included Stop Staring!    This dress was inspired by Joan Crawford, and Film Noir!   




SJFW: With such an amazing clothing line, any dreams of an accessory line?

Alicia Estrada: Yes, we are already working on purses, vintage inspired of course!

SJFW: What is the most memorable moment in your fashion career?

Alicia Estrada: Receiving the award from the Mayor of Los Angeles  “Minority Manufacturing Firm of the Year”

SJFW: How did it feel to first see your clothing on celebrities and in nationally published magazines like Vogue and Bazaar?

Alicia Estrada: I was in shock, complete miracle!

SJFW: With a celebrity following already, any future celebs you'd love to see in Stop Staring!?

Alicia Estrada: I would Love to see Gwen Stefani in Stop Staring! She wrote a song called “Stop Staring!”  I think she wrote this about me?  I went to school with her at Cal State Fullerton, It was during this time that I was wearing my “Stop Staring!” skirts, and was getting a lot of attention.

SJFW: Being a successful designer, any words of inspiration or wisdom for future designer?

Alicia Estrada: You can make it happen! Have Faith!

You can buy her clothing from the site:

and at her showroom:

Shop at our showroom open Monday to Friday  10-4pm

14023 Paramount Blvd.

Paramount Ca. 90723




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