Impressed and Astounded

These were the emotions I felt when viewing the mission and drive of Veritas Fashion. More often than not, the world of fashion revolves around the superficial and selfish. But this brand and its founder have breathed new life into the hope for fashion.

The brands mission: "To impact people's lives by creating a brand that is a catalyst for truth, love and a passion for giving. The Veritas brand is designed and created to bring community together through a combination of the Arts; one painting, one sound, one film, and one word at a time." How could a line aspire for such effects? The key: to have a great team behind it. Ty Clark founded the concept while in China with his wife and close friends. A need to help others and to impact this world through a passion, he used retail experience at Quicksilver and a network of friends to establish Veritas.

Ty's dream of an Art Fashion Brand has come to life. They have their artistic community immersed into all avenues the fine art has to offer. Known as the Artist Collective; its design influence consists of 20 artists from the film, music, writing, photography, painting, and sculpting industry.  And what an inspiration they provide.

The newest collection "An Expression" featured on their site,, will give any wearer an undeniable urban edgy cool. Ty's favorite piece created (my personal favorite as well) is the men's tee "For Brooklyn". When you see the women, men, children clothes, and accessories you know wearing the graphic images make a statement and impact. Twenty percent of the profit from each item is donated to the Veritas Project.


The Veritas Project fuels events to help complete their vision


of serving a greater purpose, a charitable servant hood across the globe.  One of the most near and dear to the founder's heart is the endeavor at a children's home in Kenya "Naomi's Village" under the organization Comfort the Children. Ty reports "[...] in April we were able to raise 18,000$ in one night through Art and Music.  The amount we raised was the exact amount needed to purchase the land.  We were able to visit the site in October where we also connected with an IDP camp that is across the street from where the home is being built and a special needs school where the mothers of the children create and sew shoulder tote bags that are sold here in the states to support the school and pay them a salary." Simply amazing.



Veritas has caught the eye of several celebrities and its nothing to gossip about. Actors Ed Westwick, Matthew Settle, and Penn Badgley from the hit show Gossip Girl have been spotted wearing items from the men's lines.

I love this concept and the astonishing impact it has had so far. I can picture myself in a graphic tee, knowing that I have contributed to something bigger than myself. We often search in life on how to make an impact and here it is. Become a part of the truth. Spreading the truth of other cultures needs and supporting them amounts for no greater reward.



"Hope is not a dream, it is not a whim. Hope creates life and it is our job as Artists to observe our world and our communities and create a sense of emotion, experience and action through our gifts. We artists can breed HOPE if we act."  



Fashion Writer Arriel Ginter
Images Veritas



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