Lady of the House of Versace

Known for sex appeal Versace certainly delivered exactly what their fans wanted this fall. In the past Donatella Versace has given us skin, skin and more skin. Fall is usually about covering up from head to toe in knits, furs and anything warm we can think of but this year at Versace it’s anything but covered. Fitted, cut out, skin tight, slinky and furry all are things that come to mind for the designer collection the designer presented us with this season and people are eating it up fast.

The first group of looks is a section of white and tight cut out mini dresses. This is not your typical fall dress we’re talking about it’s so much more. There are seductive slits of skin showing at the shoulders, arms and thighs. Long sleeved, sleeveless and one shoulder styles are all available making me think we should dye our hair platinum and stand over air vents on the street for a photo shoot.  Not only are these dresses amazing but they would be the perfect match to the over the knee style suede boots that have reared their gorgeous head throughout the runways this fall.

In terms of orange, furry and well tailored are key. To be specific I’m talking about the above the knee coat that almost magically pranced its way down the runway paired with calf high brown leather boots. With this jacket one could be center of attention and possibly the brightest of them all. Not typically one to chase orange I have to say I’ve been lured in by the great fit of this coat that was dreamt up by the lady of the house of Versace.

When speaking of blueberries the first thought to cross the mind is typically sour and bittersweet which means that winter has come early this year ladies and gentleman. Keeping it short was the idea of the electric blue and black fitted dresses that flatter whoever even glances their way. My personal favorite was that of a long sleeved blue dress that is absolutely stunning with pale blue and black accents forming on the chest and waist of the garment.  

Dresses weren’t the only place blue made an appearance though; a lovely fur vest layered with all black really struck a chord in my heart. Fitted pants were seen as well with black and blue cutouts all fitted so well together that they appear as one piece. All I can say is if you’re going to wear all black, you better not be caught without your electric blue accents.

Brown seems to be making a comeback for the colder months of the year. Within the collection leather pants and shoes were seen on extremely blonde models. Almost sheer turtleneck t-shirts were paired with arm warmers, leather pants and leather boots. One of the most stand out brown items is a yellow mini dress with brown leather trim and brown leather strips that cover the upper chest and wrap around the neck with a sexy zipper pull that unzips the entire dress.  I don’t know about you but I’m thinking that you’re going to need to pair this with the incredible winter orange jacket to beat out the cold in dress this tiny.

Full length was given a new image

With all of these amazing looks one would never have it expected even more brilliantly designed garments but it happened and it happened well. The show stopper of the night was definitely the array of gowns. In blue, mint, gold, white and orange, gowns haven’t looked this juicy in years. Full length was given a new image with the chest cut outs that reveal just enough to keep one wondering. Not only did the gowns all have some form of cut out either on the chest or on the stomach but many had slits up to the thigh.

This look was completely exotic when compared to the baggy 1950’s house wife ideas going through other designers’ minds. Bringing up the rear were highly embellished cocktail dresses reminding us all that we can’t wait for the holiday parties to arrive. Let the festivities begin, Donatella wouldn’t want it any other way!




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