Vivienne Westwood

Such a strong name is reserved for an extremely strong woman. This designer has been on the radar for quite a long time. Born in 1941 she made her way into this world just in time to experience the fashion explosion of the fifties and sixties. Around that time she was working alongside Malcolm McLaren and quickly became a popular name through the association. First came fame then came a cult… following that is. Miss Vivienne never actually attended school for design but she learned to do something right because people have been flocking to her clothing line for decades with no sign of stopping. Not only was she named one of Women’s Wear Daily’s  six most influential designers of all time but she also is one of the biggest fashion industry voices on changing the way we treat the environment.

Spring 2010 has predicted no nautical stripes in your future with Miss Westwood, thank God! 


Shorts seem to be going back to a basic frayed style. Waistlines for pants are getting lower again which means no more high waists, welcome back hip huggers! Tights are moving toward nude colors with prints and being worn with layered skirts and denim shorts. Random prints are all over the runway, prints so cool I can barely even describe them. Soft blue and off white stripes pranced out reminding us of a comfy tunic for warmer days. As usual Miss Viv sent out a few ball gown style dresses with ruffles and trains.

Peep toe boots really seemed to be a hit


on this classical decorated runway, which is exciting to those of us not ready to call it quits on ankle boots this season. Large tassel earrings can be found in shades of turquoise and hot pink, whether you choose to wear them is up to you! Belts are also getting wider and are being worn to define waists in large dresses again. Like Thakoon midriffs are exposed only Westwood decided to show all with bra-lettes as tops. Not to be a movie junkie but the overall feeling of the show was Alice in Wonderland which I love and seems completely appropriate for our wild child side. One of the most noticeable dresses was covered in handprints and really seemed to be out of place which in Vivienne Westwood’s world makes it completely in place, gotta love the mismatched


“how the hell is this wearable?”

Now I know when you look at the Spring 2010 RTW line you’re thinking “how the hell is this wearable?” Don’t fret my friend because everything you see is 100% ready to be thrown on your body and paraded down the street.  Let’s back up, you have to realize that runway meets real way before you wear it. These pieces are nothing like what other designers are doing right now which is why you should run and buy them. When broken down everything is completely unique and could be worn with things you already have.



Usually you hear fashion writers telling you to throw out your old clothes and buy all new, but I’m telling you none of the above. The best way to pull off the orange knee-socks with black details running through them is to pair them with a simple black dress that luckily you have in your closet! This also goes for those cute neutral colored peep toe slouchy boots; mixed with a printed dress you once again already own you’ll feel like a whole new girl.



Fashion Writer Amanda Wines

Images Vivienne Westwood


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