Venus is a combination of love and
technology—flow and structure

Designer Wayne Hwang, a Stanford Alumni, presented his first solo runway collection at The Roe Restaurant and Nightclub. The venue was very trendy, with trendy people there to match. Twenty five looks of silver, red, blue, and white make up the new line.

The collection is ready-to-wear, but it borrows a few dramatic elements from couture. The fabrics primarily include silk, taffeta, tweed, micro-suede, and chiffon.

What is your favorite piece/item you have ever done?
I would have to say the final gown, the red ball gown. I really like pieces where I had to spend a lot of time and add multiple layers of detail. That gown is absolutely that---an extreme realization of the collection.

What is the quote that defines you in the business or personally?
"It's WDesigns, Bitch." See Charity Fashion Show coined the slogan "It's Charity, Bitch," and this whole thing is about transition for me. Taking what is my past and making it my present while looking forward. So hey--- "It's WDesigns, Bitch"

What is your favorite fashion season?
Fall-- it's always the start of fresh and new designs. Also, Fall fashions inherently require multiple layers, encouraging multiple reasons to create innovative designs.

How do you feel the recession has affected the fashion industry, if it has at all?
It appears that a lot of big designers have developed sister lines with a much lower price point in order to sustain their companies throughout the recession. I feel that it's also forced designers to create more clever designs that minimize raw material cost, but maximize fashion appeal. As we all saw the CFDA this past year, there is an obvious push to shorten the production cycle, and make clothing more readily available. Couture seems less and less realistic---which in my opinion makes it more and more a work of art. A coutourier is an artist, a designer in the recession has to balance creativity with function--moreso than ever.

What trend could you do without this year/season?
Bib necklaces, without a doubt. Though I love chunky costume jewelry, bib necklaces can sometimes seem childish and lazy-- at least from a designer perspective.

What trend do you love this year/season?
Ankle boots and cage heels. I am in love. I really wish that I could make shoes. Perhaps another transition down the road?

Most loved designer/brand?
I love the classic beauty of Valentino, but I also love the drama of McQueen. I suppose that is the dichotomy of interests in me. And then I won't lie, I love the ease of Donna Karen. I tend to keep that love a bit more quiet, but its definitely there.

What is your most beloved fashion item (accessory, shoes, clothing)?
Earrings. I can never stop designing them. Do I need them in every collection? No. Does that stop me? No. They're so easy to make, but can add so much power to a look! I love them!

Being a US designer, do you feel American and Asian fashion tend to differ, and so how much?
I do identify with my Taiwanese heritage, and as much as I think that it isn't directly reflected in my work, imperial silks certainly made an appearance in Venus. I think that reflection of where you've been on what you make is definitely apparent--but I think its not just about heritage, I think that it is more about letting the world inspire you. 

Do you market in the United States? If not, do you plan to do so? I certainly do.

What is the most memorable or favorite moment in your fashion career/history?
After my first model from VENUS walked on runway, and I was backstage looking at all of the other lined up models, knowing that I successfully created my first fully complete and diverse runway collection. There are a few other moments that are very very clear in my mind, but the recent one was a huge personal triumph, and one that I will never forget.


Fashion Designer Wayne Hwang

Fashion Reporter Elizabeth Grzejka

Fashion Writer Stevn De Lozada

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