Beaded Art-cessories
Designer: Bea Valdes
By Romina Tobias



Bold accessories will make bigger fashion statements this year as they’re beaded, chained, stringed, and clasped into intricately one-of-a kind, fashion pieces.

Fotos Bea Valdez

            Bea Valdes, a Filipino accessories designer, creates these jeweled strands that make every woman’s neck and wrist, a pedestal for luxurious art. Already celebrated in the pages of US Vogue, Bea Valdes bags and necklaces are adorned with glass drops, leather ribbons, antique fabrics, semi-precious stones, embroideries, sequins, and crystals –all handmade and never replicated.

            She collaborates with Filipino artisans in her Manila-based studio where these alchemists of sorts do their magic and embellished creations come to life. She calls it old-style artisan work where time and process take a back seat and pure creativity steers the ship. Fabrics, feathers glass drops, etc, are sourced from around the globe and the bags and jewelry take up to 8 weeks to be made. Truly, great art can never be rushed.

  Fotos Bea Valdez

Designer: Bea Valdes


Romina Tobias

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