Ladies, kick off your stilettos, set down your Juicy Couture handbags, and pour a glass of milk to taste these fashionable sweets.


How would you like to try these edible treats: Cocoa Number Five, Jimmy Chewy’s, Tom's Fordable Cookies, Vera Vera Peanutty, and Burrberry. These irresistible cookies will leave you speechless!

“Eating in Style”


“Eating in Style” is the motto for the Couture Cookie House. They promise to deliver the latest cookie fashion that you cannot refuse. The Couture Cookie House is the first of its kind, edible chic cookies at your fashionable fingertips. The cookies, inspired by the timeless couture fashion silhouettes, are sure to bring out your inner fashionista. The women of Reychl Marketing each wanted to bring something different to fashion and what better way than to put their two loves together— fashion and sweets.

Graphic Janette Maack

Reychl Marketing, which include Reyelisa Umali, Christine Chi, and Lauren Rice, with the help of Executive Chef Eric Haney have made this Couture Cookie House hit mainstream. The cookies are mostly organic using products from the local San Francisco Bay Area market. They can either be purchased individually, by the dozen, or in larger quantities for special catering events or parties.

Packaging for the cookies is just as unique as the name. Custom designed by Reychl Marketing, individual cookies are wrapped in a sophisticated clear bag with a signature thank you seal on the back. With the purchase of Couture Cookie House’s dozen collections, the customer receives a chic gable box to match their batch. Catered cookies will receive a special design based on the specific event.

Fotos Couture Cookie House

For more information about these delightful treats, please contact Couture Cookie House Public Relations Director Reyelisa Umali at