"Pump it UP"
Kathryn Amberleigh Shoe Collection

by Romina Tobias




Pumps are a staple in anyone’s shoe collection. They’re versatile, classic pieces that complete a polished look or give that semi-casual ensemble that much needed “umph” in style.

Fotos Kathryn Amberleigh



No need though to be limited to those good old black pumps because color has found its way to jazz up our heels, care of, Kathryn Amberleigh.

Fotos Kathryn Amberleigh


NYC shoe designer Kathryn Amberleigh revolutionizes the 80’s, old-Hollywood style lady pumps with ultra flair using goat and lamb skin, patent leather, and suede, in shades of lavender, teal, yellow, and blue. Inspired by the mod movement, basic colors of white and black get glamorized with sashes of metal hues, electric color, or silver wings on the side. Each shoe style is labeled with a girly name such as Audrey, Angelika, and Sophia. So ladies…’s time to meet your new best friends.

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Shorty Red: $115.00

Kathryn Amberleigh shoes are wearable, stylishly adorned, and within a reasonable price range ($110-$138/pair) –proof that shoes under 5-inches tall and those tagged with budget friendly prices can have screamingly fabulous personalities too. 





Clara French Grey: $138.00





Lime Light Gold: $110.00





Clara French Blue: $138.00





Starlet Orange & Silver: $115.00





Angelika Red: $138.00

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