Featured Designer  

Shekhar Rahate Haute Couture
"Rocking 2009"

by Natalia Bondareva



Shekhar Rahate is one of the most exciting and creative fashion designers that has successfully demonstrated his gorgeous collections all over the world. He has displayed his collections on runway shows in Switzerland, New York, Paris, London, Germany, India and exotic Dubai and that's naming only a few places. Along with world celebrities, from Hollywood to Bollywood, his fashion design shows have even dazzled UN Delegates.

It was refreshing to meet Shekhar personally, as we found him to be a easily likable individual and a very passionate fashion designer, with love for beauty and flair with fabrics. His current collection was presented on the runway in the "Rocking 2009" New Year's Eve Fashion Show, at the Decathalon Club in Santa Clara, CA. The fashion show gala is organized by Bhavini Joshi (Instant Karma) and produced by Nisha Babul Mirza (Suhaag International) with SJFW and That Look Models providing several of the beautiful runway models at the event.

The audience enjoyed the show and were treated to a plethora of fabulous fabrics, impressive designs, gorgeous dresses, faux fur coats and beautiful runway models.

More of Shekhar Rahate's design collections can be seen at his website at: www.shekharrahate.com


Runway Model List

That Look Models

Elizabeth Grezejka
Michelle Finn
Selena Lilies
Christina Fernandez


Suhaag International Models

Anez Narayan
Sarah Henry
Lina Ranchhod
Mita Prakash

SJFW Photographers

Kevin Kev
Eric Zamora
Courtney Brooke
Joshua De Lozada