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In January 2009, friend of the designers Jenny Georges was recognized in the San Francisco Chronicle for ‘Best Dressed’ of the San Francisco Ballet’s opening night. She wore an artful strapless ruched plum creation from Verrieres & Sako.

In April 2009, Princess Fati of Armenia wore an exquisite Verrieres & Sako silver gown to the San Francisco Mid-Winter Gala. A Verrieres & Sako gown also graced the red carpet at the Academy Awards this year.



SJFW: What is the most challenging aspect of being part of a design team?

Stephanie Verrieres: It’s like being married to someone. It’s all about defining the relationship and finding the middle ground, working with each other’s strengths.

SJFW: Annette, how would you describe the design team’s creative collaboration process?

Annette Richmond (V&S publicist): Stephanie is more of the big idea person- she handles more of the creative design and direction. Kimie is there to rein her in and be the voice of reason- she is more focused on production.



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Lexie Tiongson



From ball gowns to simple sophisticated ready to wear, Verrieres & Sako is cementing their place in the Bay area fashion scene with flawlessly detailed designs and a signature fabric-manipulation style all their own. Both graduates from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco, Stephanie Verrieres and Kimie Sako have come a long way from their first collection in fall 2006.

In September 2008, the design duo was featured in In Style Magazine for their high-waist skirt, a best-selling style they have since repeated.

We caught up with V&S designer Stephanie Verrieres at her recent sample sale in Oakland and had the chance to ask this up-and-coming designer about some of her recent successes.



SJFW: What do you think is your biggest accomplishment so far in your career as a fashion designer?

Stephanie Verrieres: One of the biggest and most exciting accomplishments would have to be travelling to Washington D.C. for President Obama’s Inauguration to provide a gown for the girlfriend of one of Obama’s speechwriters. It was a last-minute whirlwind involving red-eye flights, background checks, a last-minute dress fitting, and a surprise invitation to attend the Inauguration. It was an amazing experience.


Soon to come is the Verrieres & Sako Fall 2010 collection with a focus on pleating, geometric treatment, and modern art deco shapes.

Verrieres and Sako’s signature look includes a lot of painstakingly detailed ruching, pleating, and fabric manipulation in a classic color palette of black, white, ivory and gray accented by seasonal pop colors. Overall the pieces feel soft, feminine, modern, and carefully constructed to last a lifetime. Soon to come is the Verrieres & Sako Fall 2010 collection with a focus on pleating, geometric treatment, and modern art deco shapes.

Expect great things from these designers as they continue to explore new techniques and perfect their craft: Verrieres & Sako is a true example of timeless and classic couture. 


Verrieres & Sako

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